A Corona Virus is the 15th episode of Stuck With the Millers.

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When the Coronavirus spreads in Royal Woods, David and Greg go to the 1500's to take a vacation from the madness. They discover Zhan Tiri was the one behind the virus and attempt to stop her.

Character Appearances:


On a quiet March day, the Millers were all at home.

Sarah: With the Coronavirus spreading, none of us can leave this house!

David: But Foop and I were going to travel the world curing people of this virus! 

Sarah and Todd looked confused. 

David rolled his eyes. 

David: Don't ask… 

Todd: Well no one's going anywhere! 

Greg: Okay, I know Darcy's got the virus, but I need to give her this! 

Greg held up an antidote. 

David face palmed.

Sarah: That's way too risky!

Todd: Yeah! We don't want you to get infected! 

Lizzie: But can I at least go over to Cody's to comfort him over his father not coming over this weekend when he promised to?! 

Emma: Or go to the library?

Henry: Well, I can at least do some math - right?

Brittany: Surely I can still do my art.

Robert: But what about Riley coming over to prepare dinner?! We were planning on making fried calamari sandwiches for all of us!

Sarah: Kids, kids, PLEASE! Just entertain yourselves within the house!

The Miller siblings looked disappointed and headed to their rooms.

~ ~ ~

In David, Greg, Robert, and Henry’s room, David and Greg were fixing up their time travel watches.

David: Don’t tell mom and dad, but we need to go to Corona to deliver a little message to Varian and Cassandra.

Henry: Funny it’s called Corona…

David rolled his eyes.

David: Yes, our ancestor’s home-kingdom is called Corona like the Coronavirus…

Greg looked shocked.

Greg: Oh my gosh - you know what that means?!

Robert: That I can’t live one more day without Riley’s company?! It’s been weeks since everyone’s been panicking about this virus!

Greg: Actually I think I know what caused the virus - and where!

David: Don’t be ridiculous. The virus originated in China. Not Corona.

Greg: I know, but just follow me!

Greg turned on the time travel wrist-watch, and a wormhole showed up.

David turned to Robert and Henry.

David: Stay here and cover for us, okay.

Robert: Okay, okay. I’ll just stay here and call Riley.

Henry: Surely mom and dad could use some help with their bills…

David: Glad you understand. Let’s go, Greg!

David and Greg hopped into the wormhole.

It instantly closed while Robert turned to Henry.

Robert: I sure hope those two know not to bring that virus to the kingdom of Corona!

Henry: I bet they’ll be fine.

Robert sighed.

Robert: I hope so.

~ ~ ~

David and Greg landed in 1501 to see most of Corona deserted.

David: That’s strange…

Greg: I know! What happened to everyone?

Just then, Varian went up to them.

Varian: Well, looks like Rapunzel and Cassandra finally defeated Zhan Tiri… But now Cassandra left to follow her own destiny. I hope she’ll be okay.

David: We have some news to break to… All of Corona.

Greg: There’s a virus in the future that bears the same name as the kingdom!

Varian chuckled.

Varian: There’s a virus that has the same name as Corona?!

David: I know. Trippy, isn’t it?

Varian: Well, surely Cassandra isn’t far. Yeah, she wrote to me and said she misses Rapunzel, and all of Corona, and she wants to come back to be with us all again.

Greg: That’s great!

Varian: It is...but I’ve been thinking about her and… I love her. I wish to spend the rest of my life with her. Be there for her. Protect her.

Greg: I say, go for it!

David: Yes. You’ve been a good couple from what I can see.

Varian: Then the second she steps foot in Corona, I shall propose!

~ ~ ~

Meanwhile, in the woods of Corona, Cassandra was riding Fidella the horse through the trails.

Cassandra: I hope I really find my true destiny…

Cassandra sighed.

Cassandra: But I miss home. I will return. And attend Rapunzel’s wedding! I hope it will still go on.

Cassandra could hear thunder booming in the background.

Cassandra: That’s strange…

Cassandra got off the horse and looked around.

She found big footprints on the ground that looked much like Zhan Tiri’s demon form’s prints.

Cassandra: How’d these appear?

A familiar shadow appeared.

Cassandra turned around.

Cassandra: Who’s there?!

Cassandra could hear some evil laughter.

She turned around, to see Zhan Tiri in her usual ghost-girl form beside her.

Cassandra: Ugghhh! Zhan Tiri!? What are YOU doing here? I-I-I thought Rapunzel and I wiped you out of existence!

Zhan Tiri: Don’t be ridiculous, Cassandra. Like you could really kill ME. No, all that happened is you and your pathetic princess friend blasted me far away. Like in a completely different country.

Cassandra: Okay. But WHY’D you come back?!

Zhan Tiri chuckled evilly.

Zhan Tiri: Because I still haven’t given up on destroying the ENTIRE world. Especially Corona. And I need YOUR help.

Cassandra: No way. That didn’t turn out so well the last time.

Zhan Tiri: Well, if you won’t help me start the biggest virus in the universe, then who will?

Cassandra stuck her fingers in her ears.


Zhan Tiri: I thought so, which is why you’re coming with me. Also, take the horse… he’ll make a good snack.

Cassandra hopped on Fidella.

Cassandra: You’re not touching this horse OR ME! Fidella, trot!

Fidella started trotting and took Cassandra out of the woods.

Zhan Tiri: You made the biggest mistake of your life, Cassandra!

Zhan Tiri sighed as Cassandra had already left.

Zhan Tiri: No matter. I don’t need her…

~ ~ ~

Meanwhile, Varian, David, and Greg were at Rapunzel’s castle.

Rapunzel and Eugene went up to them.

Rapunzel: Varian! Did you hear the news?

Varian: What news?

Eugene: Rapunzel and I decided to take it slow on the whole wedding thing.

Rapunzel: Yeah. We are still very much engaged, though.

Varian: Well, I have news for you. I plan on proposing to Cassandra.

Eugene: Oh really?! That’s great, buddy!

Eugene patted Varian on the back.

Varian: Yeah. But I don’t know when Cassandra’s coming back to Corona. I mean, she did write back to me saying she misses us and wants to come back...but…

Varian looked upset.

Varian: I don’t know when she actually will…

Just then, a horse’s gallop could be heard.

Rapunzel, Eugene, David, and Greg turned around and saw Cassandra.

Rapunzel: Cass!

She went up to Cassandra excitedly.

Cassandra: Raps!

Cassandra hugged Rapunzel, and then stepped back.

Cassandra: I came because I have some news. Oh, and because I miss you all, of course!

Rapunzel: I’m so glad to see you!

Eugene: And what’s the news?

Cassandra: Well, you know Zhan Tiri… Yeah, she survived her defeat and is now set on destroying the world with some virus!

David and Greg overheard.

Greg: A VIRUS?! You know what this means, David?

Cassandra: You know something?

David rolled his eyes.

David: Yeeeeahhh… In 2020, everyone’s panicking about the Coronavirus. It’s mass hysteria. Heh. Even the oh-so “great” President Trump doesn’t know what happened. Figures.

Cassandra looked confused.

Cassandra: Oooookay…

Varian: With that aside, Cass, I have something I wanna ask you…

Cassandra: Okay. What is it?

Varian kneeled down and took a ring out of his pocket.

Varian: Cassandra Ester Gothel, will you be the luckiest woman and marry me?

Cassandra looked teary-eyed and overjoyed.

Cassandra: Of course I will, Varian!

Cassandra then looked uncertain.

Cassandra: But I’m having bigger problems now. A wedding would just ruin everything.

Varian: Say no more. Zhan Tiri is back and you wanna stop her from ruining everything. I’m right behind you!

Rapunzel: As am I!

Eugene: And me!

Greg: And us! Right David?

David: Right! Now I know for sure Zhan Tiri caused that Coronavirus plaguing 2020, and I know what we’re going to do!

Cassandra: Great! Now all we need to do is get the rest of Corona to be on board…

Eugene: Speaking of which, where IS everybody?

Rapunzel: I know! This place has been oddly deserted. Even my parents ditched this place!

Greg: It’s the virus, Rapunzel. Zhan Tiri must’ve struck here first before traveling to my time. I just wish I knew how she’s doing it!

~ ~ ~

Meanwhile, at the Miller home, Zhan Tiri flashed right in.

Zhan Tiri: The Miller family will soon love to see it’s most valuable family member become sick from my vile virus, which I will now call the Coronavirus!

Zhan Tiri laughed evilly and shape-shifted into bacteria, and then went in the soup Robert was cooking.

Robert: Well, even if Riley has to stay home and So Random! is on hiatus due not only Sonny catching the virus - but the crew too, I shall eat this wonderful butternut squash I made for myself while I re-watch the old episodes of So Random!

Robert took the bowl of soup and headed to his room.

He turned on his computer and found the first season on Disney+.

Robert: This will be a great marathon!

Henry snuck up on Robert.

Robert turned around.

Robert: Henry! What are you doing?

Henry: I came to inform you that mom wants you to clean up the kitchen.

Robert: Can’t it wait? I’m catching up on the old episodes of So Random!

Henry rolled his eyes.

Henry: Oh, very well -

He noticed the soup on Robert’s desk.

Henry: Oh, sweet! Is that soup?

Robert: Yes -

Henry: Can I have some?

Robert: I only made enough for me…

Henry shrugged, then looked closer in the soup.

Henry: Ewwwww, what’s that green stuff?

Robert: It’s just spinach, Henry. Now do you mind?

Henry rolled his eyes.

Henry: I guess not. I’ll go see if mom needs help with the bills…

Henry left.

Robert: Finally some peace and quiet!

Robert began slurping his soup, but then looked queasy.

He collapsed to the ground.

Robert (queasy): Uggggghhhhh… I don’t feel so good…

Lizzie, who was walking by, saw Robert on the ground.

Lizzie: MOM! DAD! I think Robert’s dying!

Sarah and Todd rushed into Robert, Henry, Greg, and David’s room.

Sarah felt Robert’s forehead.

Sarah: I guess we have to take Robert to the doctor!

Todd: You take him. I’ll keep the house together.

Sarah: Oh, thanks Todd! Glad to have you around.

Sarah kissed Todd on the cheek and held Robert up and guided him out of the room.

Suddenly, Zhan Tiri transformed herself out of the soup and turned back into her normal form.

Zhan Tiri laughed evilly.

Zhan Tiri: Ha-ha! My plan is a complete success! Soon the entire WORLD will tremble to me and my deadly Coronavirus!

~ ~ ~

Meanwhile in 1501, David and Greg were with Rapunzel, Eugene, Cassandra, and Varian in the throne room planning their next move on stopping Zhan Tiri.

Varian: This is getting out of control! Not only Corona is in danger, but so is 2020!

Cassandra: I know Zhan Tiri a lot from her manipulating me into joining her side. And I know one thing she CAN’T stand…

Eugene: Being called a squid bottom?

Cassandra: NO! It’s having no power. If we overpower her, she’s bound to just go away forever.

Rapunzel: But how are we going to do that? My hair was chopped off, and Cassandra, you don’t have your moonstone powers!

Cassandra: Oh, I don’t, don’t I?

Cassandra held up the opal that Zhan Tiri dropped during her defeat.

The others all gasped out of shock.

Cassandra: Yes, yes, I know. I nominate David into having half of it, because there’s no way I trust myself with all that power again.

Rapunzel: But without my hair, I won’t be able to protect you if Zhan Tiri were to, say, shoot lightning bolts out of her hands.

David: Which is why Greg and I have invented safety armor for all of us so it doesn’t hurt when she strikes us.

Greg: Yep. It’s in here.

Greg pointed to his book-bag he had been holding.

Varian: That’s brilliant! You know, I invented something as well…

Varian held up a flask of something blue-ish green.

Varian: This here, is a rubbery substance. Put this under the armor, and Zhan Tiri’s attacks would become useless.

Greg: Brilliant!

David: Eh…

Eugene: Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s find that demon and tell her off!

David: According to my phone, Zhan Tiri is in Royal Woods. In 2020.

Rapunzel: How’d you know that?

David: I put a tracking device on her when Greg and I visited her in 1400 when she was mentoring Mother Gothel.

Rapunzel, Eugene, Varian, and Cassandra stared at David confused.

David: Don’t ask… Now come on!

David left the castle with Greg, Varian, Cassandra, Eugene, and Rapunzel following closely behind.

~ ~ ~

Meanwhile, in Royal Woods, Sarah and Robert were on their way home.

Sarah: I just don’t know how you got the Coronavirus, Robert. But when we get home, you’re taking a nice long bath!

Robert (drowsy): That sounds...nice, mother…

Robert leaned back in the car seat and started snoring.

Sarah looked at Robert briefly, feeling concerned, and continued driving.

Meanwhile, as the car passed by, Zhan Tiri was beside the road and grinned evilly.

Zhan Tiri: Yeeeeesss… That Robert Miller shall just die a quiet, painful death like 3,237 people did in China! And no one can stop me from destroying the whole world!

Zhan Tiri laughed evilly.

~ ~ ~

Varian, Cassandra, Eugene, Rapunzel, David, Greg left a long wormhole and ended up in the backyard of the Miller home.

Varian: Nice backyard ya got there, David and Greg!

David: Thanks. It’s not perfect, but I’m glad to call this place home.

Just then, David, Greg, Varian, Cassandra, Rapunzel, and Eugene could see Zhan Tiri walking past Foop’s house a couple blocks from the Miller home.

David: Oh no! I think she infected Foop! We gotta stop her NOW!

They all rushed over to Zhan Tiri, who was now at the park and dog-piled her.

Zhan Tiri got up and looked mad.

Zhan Tiri: That’s all you idiots got!? You will PAY!

Cassandra: Everyone, NOW!

Cassandra and David shot out the black rocks from their hands.

Rapunzel and Eugene threw some swords at Zhan Tiri.

And Varian and Greg threw some alchemy potions at Zhan Tiri.

Zhan Tiri, not giving up, looked more mad.

She sneered.

Zhan Tiri: That’s the best you got?! You’ll regret ever being born!

Zhan Tiri transformed into a new demon form - one with her usual body, with tentacles, horns, sharp teeth, yellow-ish red eyes, and she was 10 feet tall.

Eugene: Oh come on! No way we can defeat THAT!

Rapunzel: Think positive, Eugene! We got this! Right guys?

Varian, Cassandra, David, & Greg (in unison): RIGHT!

Zhan Tiri: Aw, how sweet! But you really can’t defeat me.

David: We don’t have to defeat YOU!

Cassandra: We just have to maybe squash your giant ego!

Zhan Tiri looked confused.

Greg: Of course, YOU wouldn’t even get it.

Eugene: Yeah! Your brain’s too small and can only really understand destroying everything in sight. Am I right, Varian?!

Eugene and Varian fist-bumped.

Varian: Right! You’ve gotta be the dumbest villain! You know how to manipulate and play with people’s emotions. But you’re forgetting one thing. Actually attacking your foes. Really cause damage! Don’t hesitate to let your rage out!

Zhan Tiri looked furious.

David: But please, if you do, know that we’ll just beat you.

Rapunzel: Yeah! I mean, good always triumphs over evil! That’s what my aunt Willow has always said. Oh, and my parents, the QUEEN AND KING of Corona.

Zhan Tiri looked more mad.


Zhan Tiri shot out lightning bolts from her hands towards David, Greg, Varian, Cassandra, Rapunzel, and Eugene.

They all dodged the lightning bolts.

Zhan Tiri: UGH! You know what? I’ll be back! You haven’t seen the last of me!

Zhan Tiri teleported out.

David: Well, was this the easiest battle or what?

Cassandra: That demon clearly doesn’t have the guts.

Greg: Well, it’s pleasure doing business with you, but we gotta go. Robert came down with the Coronavirus, and David and I have the antidote.

Varian: And we should probably go back to Corona and capture that demon!

David: Well, we wish you luck!

Greg pressed a button on his time travel wrist-watch and a wormhole came and sucked Varian, Cassandra, Rapunzel, and Eugene into it.

David: Now let’s head home and cure Robert!

~ ~ ~

At the Miller home, David and Greg saw Robert sleeping on the couch.

They went up to Robert with the antidote.

David: Hey, older brother. We have something for you…

Robert (drowsy): Is it a plate of sushi made by my beloved?

Greg: Even better! Open up!

Robert opened his mouth as Greg fed Robert the antidote.

Robert suddenly jumped up and looked really alert and energetic.

Robert: WOW! What was IN that drink?! I feel GREAT!

Robert back-flipped to the dining room, where the rest of the Millers were.

Robert: I’m CURED!

Sarah: You are?! HOW?!

Robert: Ya gotta ask David and Greg. They made this fantastic drink!

David and Greg went into the dining room.

David: Correction, it’s an antidote.

Greg: Yeah. And we discovered the cause of the Coronavirus.

Lizzie: Really?! What is it?

David: Well, you may know that...Hugh’s ancestor, Zhan Tiri…

The rest of the Millers nodded.

David: She caused the whole epidemic!

Todd: I don’t believe it!

Brittany: I know! I had to cancel my art club because of her!

Emma: And my book club!

Henry: And my math club!

Robert: And let’s not forget. Thanks to her, the So Random! show has been temporarily cancelled, Riley couldn’t come over, and I got the virus! The last part baffles me still!

Greg: But we are all good now.

David: Now to save the whole world, though. Cause everyone else in the entire world is suffering from what Zhan Tiri created.

Lizzie: But we can’t possibly ALL save the whole world!

David: True. But we can spread the word.

Robert whipped out his phone and began typing.

Robert: Problem solved! I tweeted the revelation of the true cause of the Coronavirus. People should find their own cures pretty fast now and stop panicking.

Greg: I hope so…

The Millers all came together for a hug. 

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