A New Baby is the 25th episode of Stuck With the Millers.

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The Millers are expecting a new baby, and prepare for their birth.

Character Appearances:


On a fall day, the Millers were preparing the house for Thanksgiving.

Sarah looked a little lightheaded.

Todd noticed this.

Todd: Honey, what’s wrong?

Sarah: I think I’m sick… I need a doctor.

Todd: Okay, you kids keep cleaning the house for Thanksgiving. Brittany and Robert, you’re in charge.

David: But what about dinner?

Todd: Robert will make it.

Robert: I won’t let you down!

Sarah and Todd left.

Greg: I hope Mom is okay!

David: I’m sure she will be. I mean, since the Coronavirus outbreak that Zhan Tiri caused disappeared once and for all, things couldn’t be better!

Henry: But we don’t know that for sure! Silas said his mom just died last month! I can’t believe it!

Lizzie: If anyone needs to let out any unpleasant emotions, don’t be afraid to come to me.

Emma: Mom still didn’t say if it was okay if I went to Time Square on New Year’s Eve with Lainey and Alice, and their families!

Robert: New Year’s Eve is a month away. Surely she’ll be back by then.

Brittany: Besides, mom has always said if anything happened to her, we’ll always have either dad or each other.

Greg: True…

~ ~ ~

An hour later, Sarah and Todd returned home.

Sarah: Well, you kids must’ve been worried about me!

David: Eh…

Greg nudged him.

Greg: What David means is… Yeah. We were.

Sarah: Well, I have some good news. I’m not sick. I’m pregnant!

David: WHAT?! Really?

Sarah: Yes. Now, I know you’re used to being the youngest, David… But I really need you, and all the rest of you kids to make this new baby feel welcome in 9 months.

David looked furious and stormed off.

Greg: I’ll go talk to him…

Lizzie: As will I.

Greg and Lizzie left.

~ ~ ~

In David, Greg, Henry, and Robert’s room, David was packing some suitcases.

Greg and Lizzie entered.

Greg: Heeey, David…

David didn’t bother turning around.

David: And what do YOU want?

Lizzie: I know what happened. You’re upset that the new baby will take away all your attention.

David turned around and started crying.

David: It’s just… I’ve always been used to being the youngest. With a new brother or sister… Who am I? I’ll just be another pathetic middle kid.

Lizzie looked offended.

David: No offense…

Greg: I get it. When you were first born, I wanted nothing to do with you. I thought you would’ve been smarter, much better looking, and all around perfect. But over time, I got to know you, and I couldn’t have asked for a better brother.

David cheered up a little.

David: Aw, thanks!

He hugged Greg.

David started to look uncertain.

David: But what will this mean for us time traveling to see our ancestors? Won’t mom and dad want to baby proof our room since I assume the new baby is a boy. It’s always been boys sharing this room!

Lizzie: Or it could be a girl. I haven’t had a younger SISTER… 

David: Eh, we shall see in 9 months…

~ ~ ~ 

9 months later, David and Greg were finishing up their homework.

Todd rushed into the boys’ room and looked excited.

Todd: The baby’s coming! Get in the van now!

David and Greg followed Todd to the family minivan.

The rest of the Millers were there, with Sarah sprawled on the front seat of the back seat. Her stomach was much bigger than usual.

Todd: Okay, everyone settled?

Robert: One question… Will we make it to the hospital on time?

Todd: We should be able to…

Robert: Oh really? Cause when David was born, Mom had him in the minivan.

David: Ewww… I didn’t need to know that.

Robert: And you’re sitting right where you were born.

David: Now I think I’ll be sick…

Greg: Come on, Robert! That didn’t happen.

Robert: Right. It was you, Greg!

Greg rolled his eyes.

Greg: Ha-ha-ha! Real funny, Robert!

Todd: Quiet down for your mother. She needs to relax.

Sarah: I’m fine. I’m just imagining I’m in a peaceful meadow.

Todd: That’s the spirit! And looks like we’re almost there!

~ ~ ~

A little while later, the Millers reached the hospital.

The doctor came out and noticed the Millers.

Doctor: Hello. I’m Dr. Zaminsky. You must be the Millers.

Todd: How’d you know?

Dr. Zaminsky: I have your file. A lot of kids means a lot of checkups. Right this way.

Dr. Zaminsky headed to a big doctor’s office with a big bed as the Millers followed.

She pointed to the big bed.

Dr. Zaminsky: Just lay here, Sarah, and that baby will be born.

Sarah lied down on the bed and closed her eyes.

~ ~ ~

A while later, the baby was born. A boy with short black hair, freckles, tiny eyes, and a small overbite.

Dr. Zaminsky: It’s a boy! Congratulations! 

Dr. Zaminsky handed the baby to Sarah, then left.

Sarah: I think I’ll name you… Adam.

Adam: A-dam!

Sarah: Did you hear that? He said his name!

Greg: Well, I say his middle name should totally be Eugene!

David: Eugene?! You couldn’t have chosen Varian?! He’s OUR ancestor, you know!

Greg: Oh really! Well-

Sarah: Boys! Boys! Eugene is a perfect middle name.

Adam: Eu-gene!

David: Great. He’s taken a liking to his middle name...that I didn’t choose!

Robert: Well, I say he’s quite adorable!

Brittany: Yeah, he’s got Greg’s hair, your face, Robert, and David’s eyes and freckles.

Henry: He’s perfect.

Emma: And I bet he’ll be quite the trendsetter!

Lizzie: Or quite philosophical!

Greg: Well, I bet he’ll be quite the time-travel partner. Imagine the damage he could do to Zhan Tiri! Right David?

David wasn’t even paying attention.

David: Right.

Sarah: What’s wrong, David? You’ve been acting this way since the baby was on the way!

David: It’s this dang baby! Sorry, mom, but I can’t be overlooked. I know how that feels from Lisa and HER family!

Sarah: I can guarantee we’ll all be appreciated in this family.

Robert: Right! I got an idea for dinner…

Todd: Well, what are we waiting for?! Let’s go!

The Millers, plus the new baby, all left the hospital.

~ ~ ~

At the Miller home, Emma already had a new shirt for Adam that she designed.

Emma: This was one of David’s old baby tops that I designed, but I’m sure it’ll suit you.

Robert: And now to change your diaper and give you a bath. Birth is stinky!

Robert picked Adam up and took him to the bathtub.

David observed this.

David: But Robert… You always gave ME baths…

Robert: Sorry, lil bro! But Adam was really filthy from being born! Besides, you can help me cook dinner, if that’ll make you feel better.

David scowled.

David: No thanks!

David marched to his room.

~ ~ ~

David was packing up more stuff in his suitcase.

Greg came in.

Greg: David, I know how you feel!

David: Tomorrow, I’m moving to 1502. Surely Varian and Cassandra would rather have ME than some dumb baby!

Greg: But what about Zhan Tiri and her vendetta against you?

David: I don’t care! Zhan Tiri, I can handle. This new baby, though? Has got to go!

Greg: Now I’m sure you don’t mean that! But if it’s alright, I wanna come to 1502 tomorrow to give Cassandra and Varian happy engagement presents! I feel they’ve earned it!

David: Sure. As long as you-know-who doesn’t come…

Just then, Adam crawled into the room.

Adam: Da-vid! Gr-eg! I want time travel!

David rolled his eyes.

David: Oh great…

Sarah and Todd overheard and entered.

Sarah: Come on, it’ll be fun. Take your brother to meet his ancestors!

Todd: Yeah! It’s every kid’s dream!

Adam: Well, I wanna be a doctor!

David: Then let Adam be Dr. Adam Miller, and the two science whizzes can go to 1502, visit Varian and Cassandra, give them their happy engagement presents, and perhaps kick Zhan Tiri’s demon butt!

Todd: Nice try. Adam will have fun. Trust me.

Sarah kissed the three boys on their heads, and left with Todd.

David turned to Adam.

David: This is all YOUR fault!

Greg: Come on! You’re blaming the baby for THIS?!

David: Yes! If we time travel with the baby, Zhan Tiri very well could… Oh, I don’t know… Make things a whole lot worse for me.

Greg: But what about Adam?

David: That demon can eat Adam for all I care! Now let’s see what Robert made for dinner before it gets cold!

Greg shrugged, and picked up Adam and left the room as David stormed out.

~ ~ ~

The next afternoon, David and Greg were setting up their time travel watches.

Greg: Adam, I made an extra watch for you to use.

David sneered.

David: Oh, REALLY? And what is a BABY going to do with a time travel watch?!

Adam pushed the button on his watch and a wormhole appeared.

Greg: That answers your question? Now let’s go! I already got the gift for Varian and Cassandra!

David rolled his eyes and proceeded into the wormhole as Greg and Adam followed.

~ ~ ~

After a long travel through the wormhole, David, Greg, and Adam reached Corona in 1502.

David: Well, I see this place has been cleaned up since the massacre Zhan Tiri caused.

Greg: I know, right! No Coronavirus. No moonstone. We’re safe!

Adam was crawling on the ground, admiring his surroundings.

Greg: No! Adam, don’t go too far!

Greg picked Adam up.

David: No! Let Adam go as far as he wants! Let him explore Corona!

Greg: What is your PROBLEM?! David, I know you feel replaced, but I guarantee you, our whole family loves you just the same as everyone else!

David noticed Varian and Cassandra talking by the town hall, where the 3 Miller boys were.

David: Oh really? Then let’s see what Varian and Cassandra think about Adam!

David went up to his ancestors.

Cassandra: And Zhan Tiri totally got pummeled when I showed her the end of my sword!

Varian noticed David.

Varian: Oh, hey David!

Cassandra: What brings you here?

David: It’s not just me that came to say hello…

Greg and Adam went over to David, Varian, and Cassandra.

Greg: Adam, meet our ancestors, Varian and Cassandra!

Adam: Va-rian! Cass-andra!

Varian: Aww, he can say our names!

Cassandra: How cute!

David rolled his eyes.

David: NOT you too!

Varian: Oh, come on, David. He’s like, a cute baby. You’re really something special, David.

Cassandra: Yeah. I don’t know ANYONE else who could make an antidote, stopping Zhan Tiri’s Coronavirus plans!

Varian cleared his throat authoritatively.

Cassandra: Right! My beloved, of course, has the best alchemy potions that could cure any virus! Isn’t that right?

Cassandra booped Varian’s nose as he blushed.

David: It’s bad enough I have to share a room with Adam, but now my own ancestors are worshiping...him!

Cassandra: Hey, we’re his ancestors too!

Varian: Totally! Now, come on! Rapunzel and Eugene gave the castle a big makeover!

Greg: We’ll catch up. Us Miller bros need to discuss something.

Varian and Cassandra nodded and headed to the castle.

Greg turned to David.

Greg: What is WRONG with you? Adam is AWESOME!

Adam burst into tears.

Adam: You hate me! You really hate me!

David rolled his eyes.

Adam kept crying.

David: Shush! You’ll wake up Corona!

Greg: Uhhh… It’s the afternoon.

Just then, lightning struck.

Greg: And a rainy day…

David: Not JUST a rainy day, Greg…

A familiar shadow came popping out.

David and Greg turned around to see Zhan Tiri.

David: Oh GREAT! Zhan Tiri?! Hasn’t it been bad enough you RUINED 2020 with your inane Coronavirus, manipulated Cassandra into doing your evil deeds, and coaxed ME into forgetting Lisa’s birthday last year?!

Zhan Tiri: Glad to see you remember.

Adam: Zha-Tiri?

Zhan Tiri noticed Adam.

Zhan Tiri: Sooo, who’s the cute baby?

David: Oh COME ON! Even my worst enemy thinks he’s cute!?

Greg: He’s experiencing some jealousy with the new addition.

Zhan Tiri rolled her eyes.

Zhan Tiri: Whatever. I’m taking him.

Greg: But...why?

Zhan Tiri: He needs a mother who will show him the joys of ruining Corona!

Greg: NO! He belongs to us Millers! Right, David!

David wasn’t paying attention.

David: Oh, sure. He belongs to the Millers...but, Zhan Tiri. I need a vacation from that little brat! You have him!

Zhan Tiri smirked and flashed away with Adam.

Greg turned to David angrily.

Greg: WHAT. DID. YOU. DO?! 

David: Don’t look at me! Zhan Tiri kidnapped the baby, not me!

Greg: But you LET her! Whatever happened to dissecting the demon, huh?!

David sheepishly grinned.

David: I guess I forgot…

Greg: Great. Now I have to go to Zhan Tiri’s dumb Great Tree lair and take Adam by force! And since YOU won’t help, I’m asking Varian and Cassandra.

David: But, Greg!

Greg: I don’t want to hear it. Mom and dad will KILL you if they know what happened to Adam!

Greg stormed off.

David looked guilty.

David: Maybe this WAS my fault…

~ ~ ~

Meanwhile, at the Great Tree, Zhan Tiri had Adam in a little cage that she conjured up.

Zhan Tiri: Okay, Adam. You’ll benefit from my lessons…

Adam already found a way out of the cage and was eating Zhan Tiri’s grapes collection.

Zhan Tiri noticed this.

Zhan Tiri: NO! Get away from my grapes, BABY!

Zhan Tiri grabbed Adam.

Greg, Varian, and Cassandra stormed in.


Zhan Tiri rolled her eyes.

Zhan Tiri: I thought I lost you…

Cassandra: It’s bad enough you manipulate me, and now you kidnapped a baby to use for your own evil!

Varian: Yeah. Let Adam go.

Zhan Tiri: And why should I listen to you?

A familiar voice echoed.

Voice: Because he’s MY brother!

Zhan Tiri, Greg, Varian, and Cassandra all turned around to see David with some alchemy potions.

Varian: My alchemy potions!

David: Zhan Tiri, you will get it. I came to take back my brother!

Zhan Tiri: I thought you hated this little squirt.

David: Yeah. I did. But you know what I hate even more?

Zhan Tiri: No.

David: YOU! You and everything you stand for!

David threw some alchemy potions down.

Zhan Tiri got stuck to the ground.

Zhan Tiri: You BRAT! You’ll pay!

David: Oh, I almost forgot something…

David got out rope and tape and tied up Zhan Tiri, then taped her mouth shut.

Zhan Tiri looked angrier as David and Greg left with Adam.

She spit out the tape.

Zhan Tiri: I WILL have my revenge!

~ ~ ~

Greg, David, and Adam made it back to 2021 in their room.

David: Woah. This was an adventure!

Greg: Yeah. Now, have you learned a lesson?

David: I have. Adam, I actually think you’re really cool!

Adam smiled.

David, Greg, and Adam all went for a group hug.

Sarah and Todd observed

Sarah: Glad to see they’re all getting along.

Todd: Yes! We have such good kids!

Sarah and Todd went in and hugged the 3 kids.

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