A Time Travel Fiasco! is the 8th episode of Stuck With the Millers.

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When David and Greg plan to go to 1501, they have to bring their cousin, Dexter, who knows nothing about time travel and the Millers' ancestors. Meanwhile, Zhan Tiri plots revenge on David and Greg and tries to harm Dexter.

Character Appearances:


On a spring day, David and Greg were working on an experiment.

A wormhole opened up with Varian on the other side looking anxious.

Varian (in wormhole): David! Greg! Cassandra’s gone insane! She destroyed Corona! Rapunzel, Eugene, and I need your help!

The wormhole disappeared.

David: Oh no… I don’t believe this!

Greg: I know! We gotta save Cassandra!

Sarah and Todd entered David and Greg’s room.

David: Hi, mom… Hi dad…

Sarah: Boys, we have some bad news…

Todd: You know your uncle Tyler...well his wife - your aunt Melanie - just died and he lost his job…

David: Where are you going with this?

Todd: I’m saying he will have to stay here for a couple of days so he can get back on his feet...

David: Does that mean…

Todd: Yes. Your cousin Dexter will be staying in your room while Robert and Riley are in Hollywood at the So Random! set, and Henry is at Silas’ house for a sleepover.

David: But this isn’t fair!

Greg: Yeah! We were supposed to time travel to 1501 to save Cassandra!

Sarah: You can bring Dexter with you! It’ll be fun!

David and Greg looked at each other with worry as Sarah and Todd left.

David: We cannot bring Dexter to 1501!

Greg: I know! The last time he touched my molecular fuser, I got stuck next to him for a whole week!

David: I know… the paramedics had to be called. But I have a plan to ensure Dexter won’t enjoy going to 1501…

Greg: And how will we do that?

David: Leave that to me...

~ ~ ~

David and Greg were sitting in the living room fixing their time travel watches when the doorbell rang.

Todd (from upstairs): That must be them! David, Greg, will you get that?

David and Greg went to the door and opened it.

Tyler and Dexter went in.

Tyler: How’s my favorite nephews?!

David: I don’t know, uncle Tyler. I thought Robert and Henry were your favorites.

Tyler: Always a kidder!

Dexter gave David and Greg a big hug.

Dexter: David! Greg! Have you missed me?

David: Hmmm… no.

Greg: What he means is… Yes. We were wondering when you’d come visit!

Dexter: Well, I have something to show you both!

Dexter headed into the living room and opened up his book bag.

David and Greg followed him and looked confused.

Dexter got out a small action figure.

Dexter: It’s the Darth Vader Pop figure! Now I got the whole Star Wars Pop collection!

David and Greg looked unamused.

David: We have something really fun to show you…

Greg: Yeah. Really fun!

Greg got out a spare wristwatch and handed it to Dexter.

Greg: This is to you, Dexter.

Dexter: What am I going to do with a wristwatch?

David: You’ll see…

David and Greg turned on their wristwatches and a portal showed up.

Dexter: Wow! This is just like Back to the Future, except we’re not going in a car! Epic!

David: Yes, just like Back to the Future…

Greg: Except we're going into the past!

Dexter: Oh, sweeeet!!!

~ ~ ~

The wormhole transported the 3 boys to a ruined Corona.

David: Woah… What happened to Corona?

Greg: I know. The last time we time-traveled here, there weren’t so many black rocks…

Dexter: I’m confused… Where am I?

David: This is Corona! Home of our ancestors, Varian and Cassandra!

Dexter: Who are Varian and Cassandra?

David: You don’t know our ancestors? You ARE a Miller...aren’t you?

Greg: Especially since Varian and Cassandra are your DIRECT ancestors…

Dexter: Doesn’t ring a bell… But I saw a new series about a princess with long magic blonde hair and a handsome thief…

Greg: That’s not a new series…

David: Yeah. And it’s based on a true story.

Dexter: Oh, awesome!

David: Now before we lose focus, we should probably see where Varian is. He looked like he was in distress…

Greg: Way ahead of you.

Greg held up his phone that is tracking Varian’s location.

David: How’d you do that?

Greg: No time for an explanation. Let’s go!

Greg headed north as David and Dexter followed him.

~ ~ ~

At the Snuggly Duckling, Varian, Rapunzel, Eugene, and the rest of the Corona citizens looked to be in distress.

Rapunzel: Calm down, everybody! I know Cassandra is not lost forever. We can do this! Corona is our home. We can’t abandon it!

Eugene: Yeah! Besides, I’m the new Captain of the Guards! I know we can get through to Cass! David, Greg, and Dexter overheard.

David: So you’re telling me Eugene is the new Captain of the Guards? I’m out!

Greg: Hang on…

Varian: If I can say a few words. I have successfully invented the same device that Lord Demanitus used to imprison Zhan Tiri. If we use it in the castle, it’s sure to work. Not a problem, because I spent all night working on it in the castle’s main entrance. I hope you don’t mind, Rapunzel.

Rapunzel: No, I don’t mind! Let’s take back Corona!

Everyone cheered and left.

Dexter: I’m confused… What just happened?

David and Greg rolled their eyes.

David: Come on, Dexter. The others can’t be going far.

David, Greg, and Dexter left the Snuggly Duckling and followed the others.

~ ~ ~

At the Corona Castle, Cassandra was in the throne room awaiting everyone.

Zhan Tiri went up to her.

Zhan Tiri: Now’s your chance to prove yourself and to follow your destiny!

Cassandra: Right. I can’t be pushed aside anymore. No longer!

Varian, Rapunzel, Eugene, and the rest of the Corona citizens stormed up to Cassandra and Zhan Tiri.

Zhan Tiri: Now’s your chance, Cassandra! Eliminate them!

Cassandra looked dubious, but shot out black rocks surrounding Varian, Rapunzel, and Eugene in the center as the other Coronians stepped back.

Rapunzel: Cass, this isn’t you! Come back to me!

Cassandra: NO! I’ve been pushed aside and my mother chose YOU over ME! I WILL find my own destiny! Corona falls today!

David, Greg, and Dexter observed everything and noticed Zhan Tiri smirking evilly.

They ran up to her, and pushed her aside.

Zhan Tiri was angry.

Zhan Tiri: What’s the big idea?! Who are you worthless boys?

David: Let’s just say, we’re family friends of Varian and Cassandra!

Greg: What are you up to? And what do you want with Cassandra?

Dexter: And have you seen Soul Eater? I ship you with Excalibur!

Zhan Tiri got up mad.

Zhan Tiri: What is a soul eater and who’s Excalibur? NO! An eclipse will come to Corona and everyone will pay for turning their backs on me!

David: Come on! Why do you want Cassandra? And I’d like to see you lie your way out of this!

Zhan Tiri: Cassandra and I aren’t too different, you know. I know what it’s like to have everything taken from me! Once I draw the sundrop and moonstone into myself, the whole world will bow to me!

Greg: But why? We just want Cassandra back!

Zhan Tiri: Oh do you??!! Well, take this!

Zhan Tiri shape-shifted into a huge, hulking demon and grabbed Dexter.

She ran off with him.

Dexter: Tell my father… I love him!

Greg shook David in panic.

Greg: What are we going to do?!

David smirked.

David: Relax. Zhan Tiri can’t possibly do much to Dexter. And besides. Uncle Tyler won’t be missing much.

Greg shrugged, and the two boys left the main hall.

Meanwhile, Cassandra was still angry at her friends.

Cassandra: Rapunzel, you can’t stop me for fulfilling my destiny!

Rapunzel: But I know this isn’t you! Cassandra, I know you’re still in there!

Cassandra grew more mad and trapped Rapunzel, Eugene, and Varian in a black rock prison.

Eugene: Lance, Angry, Red, go and get help. I think we can find a way out of this…

The dark-skinned bald man, and the two young girls nodded and left the castle’s main entrance.

Varian: Cassandra, I’ve always loved you. You don’t have to do this!

Cassandra sneered.

Cassandra: Oh, that’s cute. Like you really think I’m interested in having a romance with you.

Varian looked heartbroken.

Varian: But Cassandra -

Cassandra: Look, I am tired of everything! Being overlooked. Being abandoned by my own mother. And now being manipulated by Zhan Tiri?!

Everyone stared at Cassandra.

Cassandra: You don’t think I know!? I found the mirror shard that she took out at mother’s cottage and now I know she’s been trying to make me look like the bad guy!

Rapunzel: Then you let us out of here and we can take back Corona and defeat Zhan Tiri together!

Varian: I already have Demanitus’ invention powered up! Let’s lure her back here with something no evil demon can resist.

Cassandra: Well… I’m… IN!

Everyone cheered as Cassandra let them out of the black rock prison.

Cassandra: Now let’s get that demon!

Everyone ran out of the main entrance.

David and Greg observed this.

David: You know what this means?

Greg: Zhan Tiri’s about to get her butt kicked?

David: Exactly! I say we go watch!

Greg: But what about Dexter?

David: Oh, I’m sure Dexter found a way to compare Zhan Tiri with Palpatine or Bill Cipher, with her having no idea who he’s talking about. He’ll be fine...cause he’d bore that demon to sleep.

Greg shrugged and followed David as he headed towards Zhan Tiri’s location.

~ ~ ~

Varian, Cassandra, Rapunzel, and Eugene stormed into the room Zhan Tiri had Dexter tied up.

Varian: Zhan Tiri, stop this madness and come with us!

Cassandra: Yeah! I’m through working with you. You can just forget about me merging the moonstone and sundrop for you!

Zhan Tiri shape-shifted back to her true form.

Zhan Tiri: Oh, you think I’m just going to accept that? Cassandra, I created you! I mentored you! And now you say you want to leave me?

Eugene: Yeah she does! Cause you have been nothing but trouble!

Cassandra: I’m done and I shall find MY own destiny - NOT something you want from me, Zhan Tiri…

Cassandra looked at Varian lovingly.

Cassandra: And Varian, I do love you, too. I… just have been blind.

Varian blushed.

Cassandra: And I’ve been meaning to give you something…

Cassandra took Varian’s hand and kissed his palm.

Cassandra: To you.

Varian: Well, I have something for you too, Cass!

Varian took out a ring from his pocket and kneeled down.

Varian: Cassandra Gothel - will you be the luckiest girl and marry me?

Cassandra teared up and nodded.

Zhan Tiri looked angrier.

Zhan Tiri: ENOUGH with this pathetic display of romance and hand me the sundrop and moonstone!

Cassandra: Never! Raps, you gotta do that thing with your hair!

Rapunzel: Oh, you mean this?

Rapunzel took out her ponytail, and tied Zhan Tiri up with her hair.

Cassandra: And you want the sundrop and moonstone? Too bad!

Cassandra broke half of the moonstone on her chest as Rapunzel broke half of the sundrop on her chest.

They both put it together and smashed it.

Zhan Tiri: You think that’ll stop me?

Suddenly, David and Greg rushed in and had Varian’s Demanitus invention besides them.

David: That won’t - but this will!

Varian: David! Greg! How - how are you here? And how did you lug my machine here?!

Greg: With a little something called telekinesis! A future invention WE just invented!

Zhan Tiri: Yeah, whatever. I got your little… cousin. He’s been annoying me all day. You can have him.

David: Not so fast. I have something I’ve always wanted that YOU have…

Zhan Tiri: What?

David: Shape-shifting abilities!

Zhan Tiri growled.

David: So shape-shifting abilities you can’t provide for me? What about superior manipulation? I mean, sure I manipulated Darcy into thinking she’s my friend, but… I need something big!

Zhan Tiri growled some more and came right up to David angrily.

David: Actually, let’s take a selfie to prove to Hugh my vacation to Corona was much better than his lame trip to London to see his worthless sisters.

David held up his phone.

David: Say cheese, demon!

David snapped a picture right into Zhan Tiri’s eyes.

She became blinded.

Zhan Tiri: Ugghhh… I can’t see…

David: Well, let me help you out! Greg, now!

Greg pressed the button on Demanitus’ invention.

David pushed Zhan Tiri into the portal.

Zhan Tiri: Nooooo!! Wait -

Greg shut off the portal as Zhan Tiri got sucked into the portal.

Dexter came up to David and Greg.

Dexter: My heroes!!

He hugged David and Greg.

David: Uh, Dexter…

Rapunzel: Awww, we should get in on this!

Eugene: You said it!

Rapunzel, Eugene, Varian, and Cassandra went into David, Dexter, and Greg’s group hug.

~ ~ ~

David, Greg, and Dexter were helping Varian, Cassandra, Rapunzel, and Eugene tidy up the castle.

David: Well, this sure was interesting.

Cassandra: Yeah. If it weren’t for you, who knows how long I’d be stuck under Zhan Tiri’s control?

Varian: And I still didn’t get an exact answer on the marriage proposal, Cass… Is that a yes?

Cassandra: It is. But I think we should wait for a while. I need to find my own destiny and having a relationship would just get in the way. But write to me in 10 years, and ask again, and that answer will be a definite yes.

Varian looked excited.

Varian: Yes! I’ll wait for you, mi-lady!

Varian kissed Cassandra on the cheek.

Rapunzel: And Eugene, about our wedding?

Eugene: That. I have a surprise for you by the lake. Meet me there at 7 tonight.

Rapunzel: I will be there!

David: Well, this was nice, but we have to go.

Varian: Aw, but why?

David: Uncle Tyler wanted Dexter back home to do his homework.

Dexter: I missed my last 3 assignments and he’s kinda peeved…

Greg: So, we’ll be going.

Cassandra: Well, bye. I hope we’ll see you 3 again real soon.

David: Yeah, I hope so.

David, Greg, and Dexter left the castle.

~ ~ ~

After traveling through another wormhole, David, Greg, and Dexter made it back to the Miller home in 2020.

David: Well, this was a fun little trip.

Dexter: I know. I learned so much that I wouldn’t have learned from just sitting inside watching anime all day. Thank you, David, Greg.

Greg: Don’t mention it!

David: And Dexter, I’m...sorry if I was a little harsh back in 1501… I wanted Zhan Tiri to capture you, because… you just would’ve gotten in my way…

Dexter eyed David.

David: But I realize that was wrong. You know, you can be a formidable ally when it really matters. I hope we’ll see each other again.

Dexter: Awwwww!! Thanks David!

Dexter hugged David.

Greg: Hey! Lemme get some of that!

Greg hugged both Dexter and David.

Sarah, Todd, and Tyler observed.

Sarah: Awww, look at them bonding.

Todd: I know. It’s so sweet.

Tyler: Should I tell the boys Dexter and I are moving tomorrow or should you?

Todd: Wait - you’re moving?

Tyler: Only to Great Lakes City. I got a sweet job as a college tutor at Fairway University.

Sarah: Oh congratulations!

The adults hugged as well.

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