Betsy Perez is a minor character in Stuck With the Millers. She is Emma's rival.

Character Info:

Betsy is Emma's rival, and Lynn's sports rival. She is very athletic like Lynn. She and Lynn became rivals when she broke Lynn's leg because her team won the championships. She and Emma are rivals due to her always stealing Emma's ideas for her articles on the school newspaper and blog. She is rather mean, harsh, and snobby.


Betsy is similar to Lynn, but meaner. She is very competitive, loud, obnoxious, and mean. She is also very aggressive, and can get very violent when things don't go her way. She is very domineering and likes to be in charge of everything. Although she's very nasty and rude, she is very insecure about being second best in everything behind Lynn and Emma.

Episode Appearances:

  1. Back 2 School
  2. Millers' Girls Day
  3. Stuck in Present Time...again


  • She participates in a lot of sports, is the head cheerleader, and the second head editor for the school newspaper and blog, alongside Emma.
  • She is also superstitious like Lynn.
  • Despite her petite size, she is very tough and can pin down and beat up people twice her size.
  • She doesn't have any friends, due to her horrible personality.
  • She tends to get away with bullying other people, which angers Lynn and Emma.
  • She often cheats off of Emma in class to get straight A's.
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