David's 6th Birthday is the 7th episode of Stuck With the Millers.

Next episode: A Time Travel Fiasco!


It's David's birthday, and he decides to spend the whole day with Foop in 1502, to the rest of the Millers' dismay.

Character Appearances:


On a February day, David awoke happily. 

David: Greg! You know what today is? 

Greg: I do. Happy birthday, David! 

Robert awoke and rubbed his eyes. 

Robert: It's your birthday? I almost forgot! Riley and I were going to go to Lynn's Table and pretend to be food critics. 

David: Well now you can cook me my favorite breakfast! 

Robert: Already on it! Now how would you like those hash browns? Soft? Crispy? Or extra crispy? 

David: Hmmm… surprise me!

David, Robert, and Greg all headed down to the kitchen.

Sarah: Happy birthday, David!

Todd: We have a big surprise for you!

Greg: It’s from all us Millers!

The rest of the Millers eyed Greg.

Sarah: We are going on a family trip to the Boston Science Museum!

Greg: I already planned to teleport us there.

David: Interesting… but yesterday, Foop and I made plans to explore Corona in 1502. He’s never seen it and he’s fascinated by the stories I’ve told about our ancestors.

Lizzie: Oh, David! Can’t you plan something with him tomorrow?

Greg: Yeah! We really want this to be a family thing!

Henry: I mean, it’s your birthday!

Brittany: Please don’t abandon us.

David: Come on! Foop is one of my best friends...who I don’t really get to spend time with outside of school. Don’t worry. I’ll be back for cake and presents!

Robert: Which I already have an idea for a cake! You’re gonna love it!

Emma: And I made you a new birthday outfit!

Emma held up an outfit that looks similar to what Varian wore in 1500, but more modernized.

David: Ah, sweet! I can wear this to Corona! Thanks, Emma.

Emma: Actually, I was thinking to the Boston Science Museum, but whatever…

Greg: And besides, David. We wanna celebrate your birthday with you too!

Robert: Exactly!

Sarah: If you really want to spend the day with Foop, then you can… You’re just growing up so fast! Before you know it, you’ll be in middle school, then high school, then college, then married with your own kids… Oh god. That would mean I become a grandmother.

Sarah fainted in Todd’s arms.

Todd: What your mother is trying to say is… I hope you’ll have fun with your friend even though you’ll miss some quality family time.

David: I knew you’d be cool about this. Thanks. And now to solidify the plan with Foop. See ya!

David left.

Sarah: Oh, he’s probably going to regret leaving us when he sees his present…

Todd: Yep. The best chemistry kit ever! I made it myself using some old science tools at work.

Lizzie: Too bad he’ll miss out.

Robert: Let’s hope he comes around for that!

Henry: Yeah. Let’s hope.

~ ~ ~

Meanwhile, David was on the phone with Foop.

David: You’re going to love what I have planned for my birthday! Come right over!

Foop (on other line): I’m on my way!

Foop suddenly flashed into David’s room, as David jumped up in shock.

Foop: What?

Foop handed David a present.

Foop: Also, happy birthday.

David: Oh sweet! This is the moonstone opal that Cassandra used to defeat Zhan Tiri. However, she was manipulated by that demon to take it at first…

David looked unamused.

Foop: Ooookay… So what was your surprise?

David: We go to Corona to meet my ancestors! Yesterday, you were wondering why you never met them before and how I got to.

Foop: That’s right! Since anti-fairies NORMALLY live forever, I knew all my ancestors. I just don’t know how you could know yours, though.

David: Well, let’s go!

David pushed a button on his time-travel wrist-watch and a portal sucked David and Foop in.

~ ~ ~

At Corona in 1502, David and Foop arrived just by the Corona castle.

Varian and Cassandra noticed them.

Varian: David!

Cassandra pointed to Foop.

Cassandra: Who’s your friend?

David: This is Foop. Foop, these are my ancestors I was telling you about. Varian and Cassandra.

Foop: Well, it’s nice to meet you two. I’m a really close friend to David in 2020.

Rapunzel and Eugene left the castle in panic.

Rapunzel: Cass! Varian! Bad news!

Eugene: Zhan Tiri ESCAPED the magic proof jail!

Cassandra: Great. Just great. Eugene, who was guarding the jail?

Eugene: That was me...but she told me she had to use the bathroom, so I let her go.

Cassandra grabbed Eugene’s shirt.

Cassandra: You had better get that demon back in that jail before-

Thunder and lightning began to surround the castle.

Foop: What was THAT?!

David: The end of the world as we know it…

Zhan Tiri suddenly appeared.

Zhan Tiri: Nope. Just the end of Corona…

Zhan Tiri smirked.

Zhan Tiri: For now…

Foop: Okay, I don’t know who you are, but you really remind me of someone I despise…

Zhan Tiri: Could you possibly be referring to my no-good ex-husband, Jorgen Von Strangle?

Foop looked shocked.

Foop: How-how-how?! WHY?!

Foop fainted.

Zhan Tiri: David, it was a mistake bringing your friend here while I destroy Corona!

David: You know what, Zhan Tiri? Today’s my birthday, and I didn’t really wanna spend it with YOU!

Zhan Tiri: It’s your birthday? How cute! Here’s a little present to you

Zhan Tiri snapped her fingers.

David began sinking in the ground.

David: What the-

Zhan Tiri: Enjoy the quicksand!

Zhan Tiri laughed evilly and left.

Foop suddenly awoke and saw David sinking.

Foop: DAVID!! Oh no! What am I going to do?

Foop got an idea.

Foop: Oh, duh!

Foop snapped his fingers. David was free of the quicksand.

David: Oh, thank you so much, Foop!

Varian, Cassandra, Rapunzel, and Eugene observed everything.

Varian: Foop! How’d you rescue David like that? It was almost like...magic!

Foop: Well, actually, yeah… It WAS magic! Just don’t tell anyone else, but I was an anti-fairy.

Eugene: What’s an anti-fairy?

Foop: It’s really hard to explain, but...anti-fairies have superior power that can be used for a plethora of things. Causing bad luck, granting wishes, even… taking over the world.

Zhan Tiri overheard everything and smirked.

Zhan Tiri: Foop could be useful for my quest to destroy Corona.

Zhan Tiri snapped her fingers. 

Foop suddenly vanished.

David: What the...where’s Foop?

Rapunzel: I know! The little guy was just telling us about anti-fairies!

Cassandra: They sound quite cool!

Evil laughter echoed throughout the castle.

Zhan Tiri: That’s cause I took him! Foop will be useful!

David: Where is he?

Zhan Tiri: Some place where you’ll NEVER find him!

David: Your great tree lair, right?

Zhan Tiri: Ugh. Yes. But good luck getting there without the magic of your little friend...who’ll be drained of it soon enough, and soon I’ll possess his mysterious powers!

David: You wouldn’t!

Zhan Tiri: Oh! But I would!

Zhan Tiri flashed out.

David: This is really bad. Some birthday I’m having!

Cassandra: Oh don’t worry. On my birthday, Zhan Tiri actually manipulated me into betraying Rapunzel. Some birthday!

Rapunzel: To be clear, I had no idea it was your birthday…

Varian: Well, let’s now catch us a demon!

Eugene: Yeah! And Maximus will take us there! Oh, Max!

A white horse galloped up to Eugene.

Eugene: Hop on!

David, Varian, Cassandra, Rapunzel, and Eugene all hopped on Maximus the horse, and the horse took them out of Corona.

~ ~ ~

David, Varian, Cassandra, Rapunzel, and Eugene all made it to Zhan Tiri’s great tree lair.

Zhan Tiri: Aw, it’s cute you think you can rescue your little friend…

Foop: Help me…she’s already drained most of my magic!

David: Oh, that is it, demon! You’ve messed with the wrong guy on his birthday! Let my friend go!

Zhan Tiri grinned evilly.

Zhan Tiri: Now is that something I’d do? No! You can’t stop me! Your little friend will eventually be drained of all his magic and I’ll have all the power in the world!

Cassandra: Not if I can help it…

Cassandra suddenly shot out black rocks out of her hands at Zhan Tiri, as she dodged them.

Cassandra: Really?!

Zhan Tiri: It’s cute you think you can stop me with those things. I created you, Cassandra. But I can also kill you too.

Zhan Tiri shot out lightning bolts out of her hands.

Everyone dodged the lightning bolts.

Zhan Tiri: Know you can’t defeat me! OR THIS!!

Zhan Tiri shape-shifted into a big, monstrous demon.

Foop noticed this and shrieked in terror.

Foop: SWEET HOME ALABAMA! Get me out of here!

Eugene: I second that!

Zhan Tiri: You are NEVER leaving here and Foop’s magic will be all mine!

David: Oh, really, Zhan Tiri?

David got out a potion and threw it at Zhan Tiri.

The potion knocked Zhan Tiri out. She began slowly transforming back into her regular self and looked very unconscious.

David: Now Eugene! Take the demon BACK to the jail NOW!

Eugene: On it! Come on, my princess!

He took Rapunzel’s hand, and grabbed Zhan Tiri and rode Maximus out of the great tree.

David: And now to rescue Foop!

Foop’s magic was already all drained.

Foop: David! My magic! It’s gone!

David: Oh, not for long!

David took out a baby bottle with wings on it.

Foop: NO WAY! My old baby bottle! How’d you find it?

David: Your dad actually gave it to me to keep safe for you. He knew there’d be an emergency like this.

Cassandra and Varian untied Foop.

Cassandra: There. Now you’re free.

Varian: Now drink up, and let’s get out of here!

Foop drank his magic baby bottle and felt energized.

Foop: I feel GREAT!

Foop: It was nice meeting you, Varian and Cassandra. But David and I must be going.

David: Yeah. My family is probably looking all over for me.

Cassandra: Well, good bye.

Varian: Both of you, feel free to visit any time.

Foop: I don’t think I even WANT to come back because of that dang demon trying to steal all my magic!

David: Don’t worry. I won’t let that happen to you again. Let’s go!

Foop snapped his fingers.

David and Foop vanished.

Cassandra: And now it’s probably going to be all on us to make sure Zhan Tiri never escapes again… Great.

Varian: Oh, don’t worry! She won’t bug us again!

~ ~ ~

David and Foop made it to the Miller home, where the rest of the Millers were in the living room awaiting David.

Greg: David’s so missing out!

Lizzie: I’m sure he’ll be here any moment.

David and Foop entered the living room.

Robert: See? Here he is!

David: Mom, dad, do you mind if Foop stays for dinner?

Foop: Actually, my mom wanted me home for dinner. She’s making-

Foop looked unamused.

Foop: Oh wait. Never mind. I’d be glad to stay for dinner.

Sarah: I don’t see why not.

Todd: Yeah! You’re always welcome here, Foop.

David and Foop both smiled.

Greg: And finally, a present to the birthday boy.

Greg handed David a big gift.

David opened it.

David: Wow! My own chemistry kit! Complete with even stuff for alchemy like our great ancestor Varian!

Greg: I knew you’d like it. Happy birthday, David.

The Millers and Foop all joined in for a big hug.

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