David Ronaldo Miller is the protagonist of Stuck With the Millers. He is the youngest Miller sibling until Adam is born.

Character Info:

David is the youngest Miller sibling, until Adam is born. He is by far the most intelligent and cunning of his family. He is very into science and loves making new scientific discoveries. In "David's Choice", he gets offered to attend Dartmouth college despite his young age, which he later turns down as he'd miss his family, despite getting annoyed by them from time to time. He has a few like-minded friends and is pretty admired. He takes after his great, great, great, great, great grandfather, Varian quite a bit.


David is highly intelligent, often thinking of many solutions for different problems. He is a straight A+ student, and is usually pretty organized. He is also very devious, cunning, manipulative, and somewhat evil, but he's also very nice, caring, generous, resourceful, and responsible. He can come up with a good plan and make it work. He's also very determined and brave, often sticking up for his siblings and friends if someone bullies them.

Episode Appearances:

  1. Meet the Miller Family
  2. Back 2 School
  3. Greg's Crush
  4. The Alchemist meet the Scientists
  5. Millers' Girls Day
  6. David vs Hugh
  7. David's 6th Birthday
  8. A Time Travel Fiasco!
  9. Louds meets Millers
  10. Stuck With the Genderbent Millers (as Dani)
  11. Mandee and Jackie's Karma
  12. Stuck in Present Time
  13. Grandparents Day
  14. A Look in the Future
  15. A Corona Virus
  16. Zhan Tiri's Therapist
  17. Quadruple the Trouble
  18. A Miller's Halloween
  19. Mandee and Jackie's Reform...maybe
  20. A Miller's Christmas
  21. Varsandra's Wedding
  22. David's Choice
  23. A New Baby
  24. Stuck in Present Time...again
  25. Trapped in 1502!
  26. Greg's Love Confession
  27. So Random! is Cancelled
  28. David and Hugh's Team Up
  29. Adam's Big Accomplishment
  30. A Heartwarming Finale


  • He often makes Darcy suffer.
  • He can be somewhat selfish, but is very thoughtful.
  • He rivals with Hugh, due to both having crushes on Lisa.
  • He wants to rule the world.
  • He doesn't like Greg's crush on Darcy and sometimes tries to sabotage it.
  • He's very skilled in many types of science:
    • Chemistry
    • Alchemy
    • Biology
    • Physics
    • Psychology
    • STEM based projects
    • Medical
    • and Mad science
      • He can also invent many different things.
  • Despite being ruthless and somewhat cold-hearted, David loves his family and friends very much.
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