David and Hugh's Team Up is the 32nd episode of Stuck With the Millers.

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When Sarah notices that David and Hugh's rivalry has gone too far, she makes them work together on something. David decides to invite Hugh to 1502 to meet their ancestors, but Hugh becomes really close to Zhan Tiri, to David's anger and shock.

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On a Friday afternoon, David was with his mother at the community college.

Sarah: David, why don’t you go to the science laboratory while I prepare some lesson plans?

David: Alright! I can finally work on my latest experiment!

David left.

Sarah: He’s such a good kid.

~ ~ ~

At the science laboratory, Hugh was writing his chemistry essay.

David headed in.

David: Oh great… Hugh?!

Hugh: Hello, David.

David: Why, oh why are you here?

Hugh: Because. I needed a quiet place to study. My sisters have been blowing up my phone and it’s been driving me crazy! Why are YOU here?

David: I came to work on some experiments while my mom… your English and history professor… is doing some important work.

Hugh: Well, that just won’t do! Soon as I finish this essay, I’m going to help Lisa tutor Lincoln.

David: Don’t you think Lisa is a little TOO out of your league?

Hugh: What do you mean?

David: Oh. It’s clear to me that Lisa only likes you because of your looks. But believe me. If you looked as hideous as your evil little ancestor, Zhan Tiri, in her demon form, she wouldn’t like you one bit!

Hugh: How DARE you! I happen to know Lisa can see me for the sensitive guy I am!

David laughed condescendingly.

David: SENSITIVE?! Hugh, you’re manipulating her!

Hugh: I am not!

David: Like great, great, great, great, great grandmother… like great, great, great, great, great grandson!

Hugh: If you’re really to suggest I’m like my diabolical ancestor, then I don’t wanna hear it!

David began poking Hugh.

Hugh: Quit it!

David: I won’t until you admit it!

David continued to poke Hugh.

Hugh: STOP!

David: NEVER!

David kept poking Hugh.

Hugh snapped his pencil in half.

Hugh: That’s it…

Hugh pushed David off of him.

David: Oh, Hugh… You messed with the wrong boy…

As David and Hugh were arguing, Sarah, who was walking by, observed everything.

She stormed into the laboratory.

Sarah: David Ronaldo Miller! You come with me this instant!

David gulped and followed Sarah.

David: Yes, mother?

Sarah: This rivalry between you and Hugh has GOT to end! What is it this time?

David: Well, he-

Sarah: I don’t want to hear it! You will be here all day WITH Hugh until you can work things out. Do something together! Work together on a project! I don’t care! Just get along!

David: Fine.

David stormed into the laboratory.

David: This is all your fault, you know…

Hugh: What are you talking about?

David: My mother wants us to do something together and quit our rivalry.

Hugh: And?

David: She’s keeping us here all day until we work things out.

Hugh: That just won’t do! After I finish this blasted essay, Lisa and I were going to exchange study tips.

David: Oh. You and Lisa. Again. I knew it.

Hugh: I know you like Lisa too. I mean, what’s not to like about her?

David: Exactly! She’s so special! You, however…

Hugh: If you’re going to insult me again, please. I heard it all. Your mom wants us to get along.

David: Fine. I know one thing I wanted to do today…

David took out his time travel wrist-watch.

David: I wanted to go to Corona to help Varian and Cassandra with their engagement celebration.

Hugh: Corona?! are we possibly to do that?!

David: Watch and learn…

David turned on his wrist-watch.

A portal came out.

Hugh: Woah!

The portal sucked both Hugh and David in.

~ ~ ~

David and Hugh landed into 1502 in Corona.

Hugh got up and dusted himself off.

Hugh: So this is the famous Corona Zhan Tiri kept talking about. She’s right. Nothing special.

David: Hugh! Surely Varian and Cassandra can’t be far…

Hugh: Alright…

David and Hugh kept walking through the town.

Varian and Cassandra went up to them.

Varian: David?

David: Varian! Cassandra! Man, am I glad to see you! Hugh’s driving me crazy!

Hugh: Hello! I’m RIGHT next to you!

Cassandra: Hugh, right? I haven’t seen you since you helped me in the modern times adjusting.

Hugh: Well, yeah. I really want to know. How’s you and Varian doing?

Cassandra: Varian and I are doing great!

Varian: Yeah! We’re going to throw a BIG engagement celebratory feast in Corona with help from Rapunzel and Eugene!

Hugh: Fascinating.

David: And we’re here to help before Zhan Tiri ruins it.

Hugh: Now I don’t believe-

David: What? You don’t believe Zhan Tiri would ruin their celebratory feast? I think she would. No. I KNOW she would.

Hugh: Zhan Tiri just HAPPENED to get me into college!

A familiar voice echoed.

Voice: Right I did!

David, Hugh, Varian, and Cassandra turned around to see Zhan Tiri. 

Cassandra held up a frying pan.

Zhan Tiri: Cassandra. Put that silly object away. I came to discuss...things...with Hugh.

Hugh: Well, you look at that, David? MY ancestor wants to do something else for me!

Zhan Tiri took Hugh’s hand and they left.

David: Great. If that demon manipulates Hugh, I swear…

Varian: Are you saying you care about Hugh now?

Cassandra: Cause all the times you’ve traveled here, you couldn’t stand him!

David: On second thought. I don’t care WHAT she does to Hugh! If my mom really THINKS Hugh and I would become friends, she’s mistaken!

Varian and Cassandra looked at each other confused.

David: Whatever. Why don’t I help you with your engagement celebration?

Varian: That sounds good!

David, Varian, and Cassandra headed to the castle.

~ ~ ~

Meanwhile, Zhan Tiri and Hugh were sitting beside a stream in Corona.

Zhan Tiri: So, tell me, Hugh. How’s college going?

Hugh: College is going just fine. No lousy sisters, no chaos, and pure freedom!

Zhan Tiri: Your sisters ARE pretty annoying. I’m glad I saved you from them.

Hugh: You know, one thing I don’t get. David’s told me how bad you are. I...don’t really see it.

Zhan Tiri: Of course that DAVID would tell you bad stuff about me. I can sense some jealousy coming from him.

Hugh: Jealousy?! That’s crazy! I’m nothing special. Really. I’m not. If you haven’t stepped in and helped me get into my dream college, I don’t know where I’d be.

Zhan Tiri: It could be because you and Lisa have been getting quite chummy…

Hugh: How do you know about Lisa?

Zhan Tiri: I know everything. Yeah. So long as you and Lisa are an item, David will get even more jealous.

Hugh: I am aware.

Zhan Tiri: So here’s my proposal… You and Lisa get closer. David gets even more jealous. 30 years from 2021, you marry Lisa. David gets furious. And?

Hugh looked confused.

Zhan Tiri: You’ll be happier with her than David could be with her.

Hugh: I did think Lisa and I could have a future together...but that’s crazy! We’re years apart!

Zhan Tiri: Maybe. But maybe not…

Zhan Tiri winked.

Hugh: Okay. Enough on me. What about you? What’s your role in Corona?

Zhan Tiri: Wouldn’t you like to know?

Hugh: ...I would actually.

Zhan Tiri: Well, I’m a VERY important face in this kingdom…

Hugh: Yeah?

Zhan Tiri: I’m Princess Rapunzel’s protector and mentor.

Hugh: REALLY?! No way! You know, I’ve always been fascinated with royalty. My parents work as an accountant for the queen of England back home!

Zhan Tiri: Very interesting. Now, we must find David again… perhaps you could help him see the light. Make him regret liking Lisa…

Hugh looked confused.

Zhan Tiri: Or, you could follow me…

Zhan Tiri and Hugh left the stream and headed to where David, Varian, and Cassandra were setting up for the feast.

David: Hugh! What did that demon want from you?

Zhan Tiri: Nothing much, old friend… Hugh and I were just...catching up.

Zhan Tiri flashed out.

David: Catching up?!

Hugh: Well, yeah. You’re so wrong about her, David. She’s nice.

David: You’re not forgetting she trapped you in a book.

Hugh: Really. I believe that was just a dream. She wouldn’t actually -

Varian and Cassandra overheard.

Varian: Oh, but she did. I was there.

Cassandra: As was I.

David: And me. Look, Hugh. You can’t trust her.

Cassandra: She can’t be trusted.

Hugh: My ONE ancestor to help me get into my dream college? You’re saying I can’t trust the one person to SAVE my life?! That’s it! I’m outta here! By the way, David, you and Lisa aren’t a thing!

Hugh stormed off.

David: Well? I was right?

Varian and Cassandra glared at David.

David: OKAY! I KNEW Hugh was trouble! We gotta stop him AND Zhan Tiri!

Varian: If we stop Zhan Tiri, we’ll not be able to enjoy our engagement feast.

Cassandra: Yeah. Sorry, David. But you’re on your own for this one…

David: GREAT! My own ancestors won’t help! Just great!

David stormed off.

Cassandra: He’ll be fine…

~ ~ ~

Hugh found Zhan Tiri eating grapes by Attila’s new bakery.

Hugh: I knew I’d find you here.

Zhan Tiri: Hugh? Well, I just was enjoying an afternoon snack of grapes! Want some?

Zhan Tiri held up some grapes.

Hugh: While grapes ARE my favorite fruit, I am rather stuffed from lunch a little while ago.

Zhan Tiri looked disappointed.

Hugh: But. You were right. David is jealous of me.

Zhan Tiri perked up.

Zhan Tiri: I knew it. You know, you could be useful…

Hugh: What do you mean?

Zhan Tiri: Well, I want you to crash Varian and Cassandra’s silly little engagement party and destroy it.

Hugh: Destroy it?!

Zhan Tiri: Of course! David thinks so highly of those two. And if you take one thing away that he cares about from him, you’ll have the ultimate satisfaction.

Hugh: I would?

Zhan Tiri: Of course! Because David will be so distraught, he’ll no longer want to seek out Lisa again and she’ll be all yours!

Hugh: I dunno…

Zhan Tiri: Do it. For your great, great, great, great grandmother…

Hugh: You know what? I think David was right about you all along. I have to go…

Hugh left.

Zhan Tiri: Hugh will truly regret undermining me!

Zhan Tiri shape-shifted into some wind and blew away.

~ ~ ~

Hugh found David, Varian, and Cassandra back at the castle.

David: Oh, look who comes crawling back…

Hugh: You were right about her, okay?

David smirked.

David: Who was I right about?

Hugh muttered.

Hugh: Zhan Tiri…

David: What was that? I couldn’t hear you.

Hugh: Zhan Tiri! Zhan Tiri, okay! You were SO right about her!

David looked relieved and began jumping up and down.

David: HA! I knew you were incredibly gullible!

David began laughing maniacally.

Cassandra: David. Hugh, you should’ve listened to us.

Varian: Yeah. Cass and I know Zhan Tiri. And we’ve had to deal with her before.

Cassandra: I was in a similar situation, Hugh. She manipulated me into betraying Rapunzel AND taking the moonstone….WHICH I STILL HAVE!

Cassandra threw her hands up in frustration, as black rocks began to spit out of her hands.

Hugh: Wow!

David: Yeah. You REALLY messed up, Hugh.

Hugh: But what do I do? Zhan Tiri wanted me to ruin your engagement party, Varian and Cassandra. I told her I couldn’t do it…

Varian: You didn’t…

Hugh: What do you mean?

A strong gust of wind blew by.

Hugh: Man...why is it so cold now?

A snow flurry began snowing only on Hugh.

Hugh: Really?! This is quite strange!

David: Hugh. It’s Zhan Tiri.

Hugh: Zhan Tiri! Right!

Cassandra: Nope. It is!

Zhan Tiri came out in her true form.

Zhan Tiri: Oh, Hugh. You’ll regret messing with me. I thought we could be like family.

Hugh: You are NOT my family!

Varian: Technically speaking, Hugh -

Hugh eyed Varian.

Varian: Not the time. I know…

Zhan Tiri: You’ll never live to see your 23rd birthday, Hugh…

Hugh: That’s a threat! I know that’s a threat!

Zhan Tiri: You could’ve let me guide you and help you. But NO! You chose to be like David.

Hugh: I can’t believe I’m saying this… But there is NOTHING wrong with David! At least he’s a nice, kind, intelligent boy. Not like you. No! You’re nothing but a mean, evil, manipulative DEMON who ruins people’s lives! You’re not Rapunzel’s protector! You’ve been tormenting Corona for years. Is that right? You want to DESTROY Corona. Isn’t that true?

Zhan Tiri: UGH! You got me! Man. For a British pretty-boy, you sure are smart!

Hugh: Thank you?

Zhan Tiri: Know that you would’ve been a useful ally. But I guess… you’re nothing but a sappy sentimentalist who cares about your friends. Like weaklings like Varian and Cassandra here.

Cassandra: I. Am. NOT. A. Weakling!

Cassandra suddenly blasted some black rocks out of her hands towards Zhan Tiri.

Zhan Tiri dodged them.

Zhan Tiri: You REALLY shouldn’t have done that!

Zhan Tiri shape-shifted into her demon form.

Hugh: AHHHHHHHH! WHERE is my Penny Farthing when I need it?!

Zhan Tiri: You’ll all regret crossing me! Especially Hugh!

Hugh: Just get me out of here!

David: I got this… Come on, Hugh. Let’s get out of here!

David turned on his wrist-watch.

A portal opened up and sucked David and Hugh into it.

Zhan Tiri: Hugh will regret running!

Cassandra: Yeah. But I KNOW someone who will regret manipulating people!

Cassandra ran right up to the top of the castle, jumped right up and hit Zhan Tiri with a frying pan.

Zhan Tiri collapsed and shape-shifted back into her true form.

Cassandra: Come, Varian. While we put this demon back where she belongs…

Cassandra and Varian grabbed Zhan Tiri and headed towards the castle’s jail.

~ ~ ~

Back in the present, Hugh and David landed in the community college’s science laboratory.

Hugh: Oh my goodness! Thank you, so much, David, for rescuing me from my deranged ancestor!

David: Don’t mention it!

Hugh began to cry.

Hugh: And I’m SO sorry for everything. You know, you and Lisa will be happy together.

David: No, no… I’M sorry! If you still like Lisa, that’s fine. She’s my best friend. And I give you my blessing… IF you don’t hurt her. I love her like a sister, and if anything happens to her, I will snap you in half!

Hugh gulped.

David: Oh, come over here!

David hugged Hugh.

Sarah, who was walking by, observed it, and smiled.

Sarah: I KNEW those two could work it out.

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