Goldie Goldenglow is a recurring character in Stuck With the Millers. She is one of David's friends and Foop's girlfriend.

 Character Info:

Goldie is one of David's friends. She is also Foop's girlfriend and used to be a fairy before becoming human to get away from Jorgen Von Strangle and his tyrannical reign on both Fairy World and Anti-Fairy World. She deeply cares and supports her friends, especially Foop. Though she tries to accept everyone no matter what, she can't stand Poof - as he only says one thing (however she's since warmed up to Poof), Lexie - because she's very jealous and snooty, Zhan Tiri - because she tried to destroy the world, and Anti-Goldie - because she's been really mean to Goldie. Goldie's parents were killed by Jorgen, forcing her to live with Poof's parents, while she misses her parents every day.


Goldie is very sweet, smart, and somewhat similar to Foop. She is very kind and helpful. She doesn't have quite the same scheming mind as Foop or Lisa and David, but she can still come up with a good plan. Despite being very shy, she is very brave and doesn't tolerate injustice or bullies picking on her friends. She is also very romantic towards Foop, often flirting with him.

Episode Appearances:

  1. Back 2 School
  2. Greg's Crush
  3. David vs Hugh
  4. Stuck With the Genderbent Millers (as Greyson)
  5. A Miller's Halloween
  6. David's Choice
  7. Stuck in Present Time...again
  8. Greg's Love Confession


  • She gets straight A's usually like Lisa and David.
  • She is very bright.
  • She used to be a godsister to Varian, before Jorgen took away Goldie and her parents' godparenting duties.
  • She is usually very bright and optimistic.
  • She used to date Poof when she and Poof first met.
  • She can be somewhat naive and gullible, but is often one to spot danger first.
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