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Henry Paul Miller is a main character in Stuck With the Millers. He is the third, later fourth youngest Miller sibling.

 Character Info:

Henry is the third, later fourth youngest sibling. He is also very intelligent and loves math. He is very fond of numbers, calculations, and equations. He can often be seen writing equations or using his impressive scientific calculator or his abacus that was passed down from Varian. He is also very shy, often doing things by himself. Despite that, he's good friends with Lucy, Silas, and Rocky, even if he doesn't understand their constant discussion of vampires or werewolves and their references to Twilight.


Henry is a bright, capable kid. He can be very shy and insecure, only really liking to express himself with his siblings. He is highly intelligent and can do college level math at only 9. He is very kind and is willing to help others who struggle with math.

Episode Appearances:

  1. Meet the Miller Family
  2. Back 2 School
  3. Millers' Girls Day
  4. David's 6th Birthday
  5. Louds meets Millers
  6. Stuck With the Genderbent Millers (as Henrietta)
  7. Stuck in Present Time
  8. Grandparents Day
  9. A Corona Virus
  10. Quadruple the Trouble
  11. A Miller's Halloween
  12. A Miller's Christmas
  13. David's Choice
  14. A New Baby
  15. Stuck in Present Time...again
  16. So Random! is Cancelled
  17. Adam's Big Accomplishment
  18. A Heartwarming Finale


  • He is also very good at science, often providing the equations for David and Greg's physics experiments.
  • He hopes to be an accountant when he grows up so he can help others with their financial problems.
  • He does his parents' taxes.
  • He is very organized, responsible, and diligent.
  • He takes after Cassandra a lot due to his persistence.