Hugh Frederick Lawson is a minor character in Stuck With the Millers. He is David's rival and Lisa's crush.

Character Info:

Hugh is David's rival and Lisa's crush. He also comes from a big family. Even though he's way older than Lisa, he's one of Lisa's best friends. He's also Lincoln's tutor, which slightly irritates him. He used to torment and manipulate his sisters, but he eventually apologized. David often wants to get rid of Hugh due to having a crush on Lisa as well.


Hugh is a very kind guy. He is charming, polite, and highly intelligent. He can be somewhat manipulative, but is ultimately a good person. He is somewhat similar to David and he is very charming and romantic around Lisa.

Episode Appearances:

  1. David vs Hugh
  2. Stuck in Present Time
  3. Stuck in Present Time...again
  4. David and Hugh's Team Up


  • He's from London, England.
  • He has a big family like Lisa.
  • All of Lisa's sisters have a crush on him that's almost obsessive.
    • However, they only care about his looks, making Lisa the only one who truly cares about him.
  • He is very handsome.
  • In "Stuck in Present Time", he helped Cassandra out when she was stuck in 2020.
  • He is related to Zhan Tiri, despite having opposite personalities and morality.
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