Lincoln Lawrence Loud is a minor character in Stuck With the Millers. He is one of Lisa's siblings and a friend of Lizzie.

Character Info:

Lincoln is one of Lisa's siblings and a friend of Lizzie. He is very much your typical preteen boy. He is very into comic books, superheroes, and hanging out with his friends. He is "the man with the plan" and loves to hatch different schemes to help his family or himself. He can be a bit selfish and manipulative, but is ultimately very nice and would do anything for the good of his family or friends.


Lincoln is a very nice boy. He loves his family, yet kind of gets annoyed by them. He is pretty outgoing and likes making friends. He is also kind of selfish and likes to have the last word sometimes. Despite that, he's very kind, loyal, and generous.

Episode Appearances:

  1. Back 2 School
  2. Louds meets Millers
  3. Zhan Tiri's Therapist
  4. Stuck in Present Time...again


  • He is an avid comic book fan, with his favorite comic being Ace Savvy.
  • His favorite movie is Kick-Ass.
  • He and Clyde knew each other since kindergarten.
  • He and Chandler were rivals before.
  • He likes to get what he wants.
  • He is one of Lizzie's "clients."
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