List of Stuck With the Millers episodes

The Millers

Season 1.

1. Meet The Miller Family

A peek in the life of David and his big family.

2. Back 2 School

David starts second grade, but gets stuck with Ms. Shrinivas as a teacher again after Mr. Cooper quit teaching. Lizzie begins 7th grade and helps Lincoln, Clyde, Chandler, and Cody mend their friendship after a big fight in the summer. Emma begins high school, but gets picked on by Betsy. Robert and Riley start a cooking club, but trouble ensues when Mandee and Jackie want to join.

3. Greg's Crush

Greg reveals that he has a crush on Darcy to David, to his dismay.

4. The Alchemist meet the Scientists

David and Greg time travel to 1500 to meet their ancestors.

5. Millers' Girls Day

Sarah takes Lizzie, Brittany, and Emma for a girls day out, while Todd takes David, Greg, Robert, and Henry for a guys day out.

6. David vs Hugh

David attends a class at the community college and is partnered up with Hugh, to his disgust.

7. David's 6th Birthday

It's David's birthday, and he decides to spend the whole day with Foop in 1502, to the rest of the Millers' dismay.

8. A Time Travel Fiasco!

When David and Greg plan to go to 1501, they have to bring their cousin, Dexter, who knows nothing about time travel and the Millers' ancestors. Meanwhile, Zhan Tiri plots revenge on David and Greg and tries to harm Dexter.

9. Louds meets Millers

Lisa and David get their siblings together, to disastrous results.

10. Stuck With the Genderbent Millers

An episode centering around the gender-swapped Miller family and their friends. Dani and Grace time travel to help their ancestors, Varia and Cassandro get rid of the black rocks in Corona.

11. Mandee and Jackie's Karma

Robert and Riley give Mandee and Jackie a taste of their own medicine, with help from David and Greg.

12. Grandparents Day

Grandma April pays a visit, to the Miller siblings' dismay.

Season 2.

1. A Look in the Future

Greg and David take Robert and Riley to the future, where they meet their future kids, Ricky and Roger.

2. Stuck in Present Time

Varian and Cassandra get stuck in the present day. Varian goes to school with Robert and Riley, and Cassandra attends the community college with Sarah as one of her professors.

3. A Corona Virus

When the Coronavirus spreads in Royal Woods, David and Greg go to the 1500's to take a vacation from the madness. They discover Zhan Tiri was the one behind the virus and attempt to stop her.

4. Zhan Tiri's Therapist

Lizzie decides to become Zhan Tiri's therapist after hearing about her tragic backstory, to David and Greg's chagrin.

5. Quadruple the Trouble

When Greg invites Lucas, Marcus, Mike, and Gus over for a sleepover, chaos ensues.

6. A Miller's Halloween

On Halloween, David and Greg throw their own Halloween party; Robert and Riley sell candy they made from scratch at the high school's bake sale.

7. Mandee and Jackie's Reform...maybe

Mandee and Jackie apologize to Robert and Riley for picking on them. It's later revealed that David and Greg staged the whole thing.

8. A Miller's Christmas

The Millers celebrate Christmas. David and Greg time travel to 1500 to give Varian and Cassandra a merry Christmas. Robert and Riley make Christmas dinner and the Christmas cookies. Lizzie helps Landon get into the Christmas spirit. Grandma April struggles to come over after a big snowstorm.

9. Varsandra's Wedding

Varian and Cassandra get married in the year of 1505 and David, Greg, Riley, and Robert appear as the special guests!

10. David's Choice

David gets accepted to a medical school early and is conflicted on leaving his family and friends.

11. A Life of Varsandra

A peek in Varian and Cassandra's life when they're married with kids.

12. Zhan Tiri's Tragic Life

A peek at Zhan Tiri's life and why she's an evil demon out to destroy the whole universe.

Season 3.

1. A New Baby

The Millers are expecting a new baby, and prepare for their birth.

2. Stuck in Present Time...again

Varian and Cassandra get stuck in 2021, and blend in a little too well. Meanwhile, Zhan Tiri gets trapped in 2021 and stirs up some trouble for the Miller family and their friends.

3. Trapped in 1502!

When Dexter visits, David, Greg, Adam, and Dexter get trapped in 1502 in the middle of a big war between Varian and Cassandra against Zhan Tiri.

4. Mandee and Jackie's Grudge

To Lizzie, Mandee and Jackie reveal the real reason they're mean to Robert and Riley, being that Robert and Riley were mean to them in middle school.

5. Greg's Love Confession

Greg reveals his feelings to Darcy, which she accepts. They begin dating.

6. Zhan Tiri Turns Nice

Zhan Tiri becomes uncharacteristically nice when Eugene accidentally messes with Varian's new invention. Things become a problem when Eugene becomes a malevolent villain bent on destroying Corona.

7. So Random! is Cancelled

When Robert and Riley find out that their favorite sketch comedy show, So Random!, is cancelled, they attempt to make their own sketch comedy show with help from the rest of the Miller siblings, as well as Varian and Cassandra, who pay a visit to 2021.

8. David and Hugh's Team Up

When Sarah notices that David and Hugh's rivalry has gone too far, she makes them work together on something. David decides to invite Hugh to 1502 to meet their ancestors, but Hugh becomes really close to Zhan Tiri, to David's anger and shock.

9. Adam's Big Accomplishment

When David gets sick, Adam cures him, to the rest of the Millers' shock.

10. A Suite Spring Break!

The Millers stay at the Tipton Hotel during Spring Break. David and Greg cause trouble for London, who's the new manager and Adam gets lost in the hotel.

11. A Heartwarming Finale

When Brittany leaves for an art school in France, the Millers look back on the memories they had together.

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