Mandee Barnes is a minor character in Stuck With the Millers. She is Robert and Riley's arch-enemy.

Character Info:

Mandee is a rival of Robert and Riley. She is also good friends with Leni. She is very homophobic, snobby, and judgmental, often picking on Robert and Riley for being gay. She "reforms" in "Mandee and Jackie's Reform...maybe", but she doesn't truly change. She is one of the popular kids in school, but is also the meanest, along with Jackie. In the future, she'll be a really strict, harsh mother to her son, Kevin, often forbidding him from hooking up with Ricky.


She is very much your typical mean, queen bee. She's rude, selfish, and rather nasty around those she thinks is less than her and Jackie. She is somewhat nice around her friends, but is pretty mean to anyone who doesn't fit her mold as a person. She is also rather full of herself and thinks she is doing the right thing snubbing Robert and Riley.

Episode Appearances:

  1. Back 2 School
  2. Mandee and Jackie's Karma
  3. Stuck in Present Time
  4. A Miller's Halloween
  5. Mandee and Jackie's Reform...maybe
  6. Stuck in Present Time...again
  7. Mandee and Jackie's Grudge


  • Mandee is rather superficial.
  • She used to have a crush on Riley in middle school, but then became homophobic when Riley started dating Robert.
  • Despite hating Robert and Riley, she loves their cooking.
  • She has many friends, but is actually hated.
  • Kevin often goes behind her back to see Ricky.
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