Mandee and Jackie's Grudge is the 28th episode of Stuck With the Millers.

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To Lizzie, Mandee and Jackie reveal the real reason they're mean to Robert and Riley, being that Robert and Riley were mean to them in middle school.

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On a Friday afternoon, Robert and Riley were cooking in the kitchen.

Robert: Okay, Cassandra and Varian will just love this first date sushi!

Riley: I know! Here’s hoping Zhan Tiri doesn’t ruin it for them.

The doorbell rang.

Robert: ...I’ll be right back.

Robert went to the door and opened it.

It was Mandee and Jackie.

Robert: Great! Not you! How’d you know where I live?!

Mandee: Oh, please. We live just down the road…

Jackie: You didn’t know?

Mandee: Besides. We wanna speak to your sister.

Robert: Oh really? Well, Brittany doesn’t want to see your miserable faces.

Jackie: We don’t wanna see Brittany.

Robert: Then EMMA doesn’t want to see you either!

Lizzie overheard and entered.

Lizzie: They came to see me. Come in, girls.

Mandee and Jackie flipped their hair and entered.

Lizzie: Don’t worry, Robert. I wanted to help them reform. So I invited them over.

Robert rolled his eyes.

Robert: At least it’s for a GOOD reason…

Lizzie: Mandee, Jackie, there’s a space in my room we can talk. Follow me.

Lizzie headed to her room as Mandee and Jackie followed her.

Robert headed back to the kitchen.

Robert: Bad news, Riley. Mandee and Jackie know where we live. Good news, Lizzie wants to change them.

Riley: But Mandee and Jackie can’t change! They’re Mandee and Jackie! Once a homophobe, ALWAYS a homophobe.

Robert sighed.

Robert: I know. But Lizzie knows what she’s doing. She actually convinced Cassandra to stand up to Zhan Tiri. If Cassandra can change, so can Mandee and Jackie.

Riley: I guess so…

Robert: Now let’s finish the sushi!

~ ~ ~

Meanwhile, in Lizzie’s room, Mandee and Jackie were sitting in Lizzie’s big bean bag chair, while Lizzie was sitting at her desk.

Lizzie: Okay, girls. We need to work a lot on your attitude…

Mandee: Our attitude is just fine!

Jackie: Yeah! It’s Robert and Riley’s fault we’re like this!

Lizzie: Okay. Spill. Tell me everything I should know about you…

Mandee: Okay… I believe you don't know how it all started for us. I have 2 parents. A mom and a dad who love me very much. Jackie and I met in preschool. I could tell we'd be best friends. And we are. Well liked, cool, and popular, we got many friends throughout our years of school. And then in middle school, I had my first crush... On Riley Robinson. He was cute... until a little something called Robert happened. Now he's dating Robert after he blew off Leni! I couldn't believe it. Everyone knows there's supposed to be a girl and a boy, man and a romance. My parents have told me this ever since I was young. They are the romance experts. Not some two gay boys who clearly AREN'T in love... Just delusional.

Jackie: Mandee's totally correct for our first few years of our lives as friends. I have 2 parents too. A mom and a dad...who are incredibly busy. And I have a younger brother named Sebastian. He's a little brat since our parents love him more than me. And in middle school, I had a crush on Robert, Riley's friend....who then became his boyfriend.... This was a major sin cause my dad works for the Catholic church. And he's read the bible cover to cover! And he's definitely disapproved of it. God may say he accepts everyone, but does he really? It's always been my quest to find the truth of anyone who comes out as gay, bi, lesbian - you name it! It's not normal and my whole family thinks so.

Lizzie: Okay… But why target Robert and Riley if you like them?

Mandee: You really wanna know?

Lizzie: I do. I really do.

Jackie: Then we’ll tell you.

Mandee: It all started in our 8th grade year of middle school…

~ ~ ~

5 years ago at Royal Woods Middle School, Mandee and Jackie went in on their first day of 8th grade.

Mandee: And we just tell Robert and Riley how we feel about them like that! It can’t go wrong!

Jackie: But I remember what happened with our friend Becky when she tried talking to them!

Mandee: Oh right. Becky said they totally shunned her! But we should still try.

Robert and Riley were walking by and noticed Mandee and Jackie.

Robert: Hello girls.

Jackie: Robert. I have something to tell you!

Mandee: And Riley, I have something to tell you!

Robert: Can’t it wait? Luna and her band wanted snacks during rehearsal.

Mandee: No, it can’t wait! Riley, I love you! Will you go out with me?

Jackie: And Robert, will you go out with me?!

Robert and Riley laughed in Mandee and Jackie’s faces.

Robert: Yeah right! Like we’d EVER go out with you!

Riley: Yeah! You’re just losers! No offense!

Robert: Now if you’ll excuse us, we have actual COOL people to see…

Robert and Riley pushed past Mandee and Jackie and left.

Mandee: HOW rude!

Jackie: I KNOW! I swear! They’ll pay for this one day!

~ ~ ~

Back to present day…

Mandee: And that’s what happened!

Lizzie: So you torment them constantly because of them rejecting your romantic advances in middle school? I don’t get it.

Jackie: It wasn’t JUST that! Mandee’s not telling the story right! What ALSO happened was…

~ ~ ~

5 years ago…

Mandee and Jackie were at Mandee’s house.

The doorbell rang.

Mandee: Will you get that, Jackie?

Jackie went to the door and opened it.

It was Robert and Riley, plus Riley’s moms, Melissa and Bethany.

Melissa: Hey, Riley said you were his study partner for science. Mind if he and Robert come in?

Jackie: Oh not at all!

Bethany: Great! Cause Melissa and I NEED a spa day!

Melissa and Bethany left.

Robert: We can’t stay here for long.

Jackie: Really? 

Riley: Let’s just do the project and get this over with.

Jackie: Alright. Come upstairs.

Robert, Riley, and Jackie headed upstairs, where Mandee was filing her nails.

Mandee: And what are Robert and Riley doing here?

Jackie: Some lame science project.

Robert: ...We’re not here for science, ARE we?

Riley: Let’s get outta here!

Mandee: Okay we admit it! I invited you two over!

Jackie: Tell us why you don’t want to date us!

Robert sighed.

Robert: I don’t like girls. I…like guys.

Riley sighed too.

Riley: ...and I don’t go for shallow mall rats. I go for intellectuals who actually can contribute something good for this world.

Mandee: Like we’re going to believe that!

Robert: Sorry, but we’re out of your league.

Riley: Yeah. I heard the dorkiest boys in school want you…

Robert: Grant and Miguel! They wouldn’t STOP making googly eyes at you!

Robert and Riley proceeded to make googly eyes at Mandee and Jackie.

Mandee: Oh, that is IT! Get outta here! We never want to see you again!

Jackie: And if I didn’t make myself clear earlier, YOU WILL PAY!

Robert: Ugh...fine.

Riley: We were just kidding.

Robert: Let’s go, Riley.

Robert and Riley left.

~ ~ ~

Jackie: And THAT’S what happened! Don’t believe us? Ask Robert and Riley yourself!

Lizzie: Oh, I believe you. Yeah. On that day, you two showed up here begging for forgiveness, and I saw Robert and Riley both laugh in your face.

Mandee: And did you do anything?!

Lizzie: Frankly, I didn’t wanna waste time with you. I...still don’t. Please leave.

Mandee: But WHY did you invite us?!

Jackie: Yeah!

Lizzie: Cause I thought I could change you like I did Cassandra. Let’s be real, just like Zhan Tiri, you two are irredeemable!

Mandee: Okay. I don’t know who either Zhan Tiri or Cassandra are, but we’re not going to take anymore of this!

Jackie: Yeah! Your entire family will pay!

Mandee: So good day!

Mandee and Jackie flipped their hair and left.

Robert and Riley overheard and went in.

Robert: They’re STILL not going to leave us alone...are they?

Lizzie shook her head.

Riley: That’s just GREAT! And to think we wasted time making a brownie basket for them in our first year of high school!

Robert: That was when we first started dating!

Riley: I know!

Robert and Riley hugged and left.

Lizzie: I can ALWAYS count on those two!

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