Sarah Miller (née Hall) is a main character in Stuck With the Millers. She is the Miller siblings' mother.

 Character Info:

Sarah is the mom of the Miller siblings. She is also very smart like her kids and husband. As a kid, she didn't always used to be super intelligent and often wanted to fit in with the popular kids. She is a very good mom and can sometimes be strict when it comes to getting good grades, but she is very understanding and made learning fun for her kids. She is also madly in love with her husband and does little things for him, despite them arguing sometimes. She also cares for her kids equally. She also works as a college professor that teaches English literature and biology with Hugh (as well as Cassandra in "Stuck in Present Time") being one of her many students. She also taught Robert how to cook and helped him perfect his skills.


Sarah is also very smart like her family. She is extremely caring, sweet, and thoughtful. She loves her family and helps her kids grow. She also is very charitable and wants to help the less fortunate. She rarely raises her voice and is very calm, forgiving, and helpful. She is slightly oblivious to David's scheming nature, but despite that she's a very attentive parent.

Episode Appearances:

  1. Meet the Miller Family
  2. Millers' Girls Day
  3. David vs Hugh
  4. David's 6th Birthday
  5. A Time Travel Fiasco!
  6. Louds meets Millers
  7. Stuck in Present Time
  8. Grandparents Day
  9. A Corona Virus
  10. Quadruple the Trouble
  11. A Miller's Halloween
  12. A Miller's Christmas
  13. David's Choice
  14. A New Baby
  15. Stuck in Present Time...again
  16. David and Hugh's Team Up
  17. Adam's Big Accomplishment
  18. A Heartwarming Finale


  • All the Miller siblings take after both her and Todd.
  • She also likes music, but doesn't study it that much.
  • She can get overwhelmed and stressed at times, often leaving Robert and Riley to cook dinners due to having a busy day.
    • Despite that, she loves cooking and is really good.
  • She is very well-rounded, often finding new things to be interested in.
  • She is very maternal and likes spending time with her kids.
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