So Random! is Cancelled is the 31st episode of Stuck With the Millers.

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When Robert and Riley find out that their favorite sketch comedy show, So Random!, is cancelled, they attempt to make their own sketch comedy show with help from the rest of the Miller siblings, as well as Varian and Cassandra, who pay a visit to 2021.

Character Appearances:


On a Sunday afternoon, Robert and Riley were preparing sushi for lunch.

Robert’s phone buzzed.

Robert picked it up and frowned.

Robert: Uhhh, Riley… There won’t be any more new So Random! episodes after tonight…

Riley was shocked.

Riley: There WON’T?

Robert held up his phone. The official So Random! website had a thread from the cast, as well as the producer, Marshall Pike and the head of the studios, Mr. Condor, saying the show is officially over.

Robert: It’s apparently because Chad wanted to do more Mackenzie Falls. While I don’t mind there being more of Mackenzie… what about So Random!?

Riley: We HAVE to do something to honor this show! 

Robert: But what?

Riley: Let’s just figure it out AFTER we finish the sushi. We don’t want it to spoil.

Robert: Alright…

~ ~ ~

That evening, Robert and Riley were watching the series finale of So Random!

Robert: Well… This is it…

Riley: An end of an era!

Robert and Riley began crying.

The other Miller siblings observed this.

David: I don’t get it. I thought So Random! was supposed to be a funny show.

Greg: It’s absolutely boggling!

Adam began crying.

Henry: Now Adam’s crying?

Lizzie: Well, the show DID get cancelled…

Emma: Really? I mean Luan did mention something about it, but I didn’t really believe it.

Brittany: We all have to do something to cheer Robert and Riley up!

David: But what can WE do?

Brittany: I think I have an idea…

Brittany and the rest of the siblings huddled together as Brittany was telling them her idea.

~ ~ ~

The next afternoon, the rest of the Millers were setting up a secret soundstage in the basement.

Brittany: Robert and Riley will star in their own version of So Random! We all will.

David: That’s brilliant! And usually I’M the one to come up with the plans!

Greg: And you know who might actually like this?

David: Varian and Cassandra?

Greg: How’d you know?!

David: I had a hunch.

Greg: Well, let’s go fetch them!

David and Greg left.

Brittany: And then we submit these episodes on YouTube for the whole world to see!

Emma: That’d be awesome!

Adam began clapping.

Adam: Yay! I can’t wait!

Lizzie: So we agree. It’s a good plan.

Henry: And then on every Sunday, Robert and Riley can watch themselves!

Brittany: But we have to finish the soundstage to make it look like the So Random! set.

Lizzie: This will be a great surprise!

~ ~ ~ 

The next day, the rest of the Millers finished the soundstage.

Varian and Cassandra appeared and admired it.

David: Varian! Cassandra! You made it!

Varian: Well, we DID need a break from battling Zhan Tiri again and again and again…

Cassandra: She is actually planning to destroy Corona with some decay incantation… AGAIN!

Greg: Well, glad you could make it.

David: We are working on a new sketch comedy show to honor Robert and Riley’s favorite TV show, So Random!, which got cancelled recently.

Varian: My word! In our time, there was no such thing as TV shows!

Cassandra: But we do find a way to entertain ourselves…

Varian: Usually by kicking a lil demon girl’s butt…

Varian chuckled.

Cassandra: That...isn’t THAT entertaining, Varian.

Varian shrugged.

Lizzie: Well, Robert and Riley should be back any moment now. Wait til they see this surprise!

Robert and Riley headed into the basement.

Riley: And are you sure a spare spatula is down here?

Robert: I’m positive!

Robert and Riley began digging through some boxes, but noticed something.

Robert: Is that… The So Random! soundstage?

Riley: I must be dreaming.

They heard the So Random! theme tune playing.

Robert: This is strange…

Robert and Riley headed to the soundstage.

Cassandra: Are you ready to get SO RANDOM!?

Robert: Wow. You did this all for us?

Riley: I don’t know what to say.

Brittany: Now you can be part of So Random!

David: This is just the rehearsal. Then Friday after school, we’ll tape the first episode.

Varian: What’s a tape?

Greg: Oh, and we’ll need to coach Varian and Cassandra on the popular TV terms.

Cassandra: ANYTHING to get Zhan Tiri off our backs!

Varian: ...SHE better not follow us here.

David: Don’t worry! She won’t! Cause Adam will be our security guard.

Cassandra began laughing.

Cassandra: ADAM?! No, seriously…

David: I’m serious! Adam can be VERY intimidating!

Adam cracked his knuckles.

Cassandra chuckled.

Cassandra: Oookay… Anyways. Robert and Riley, you’re in for a real treat, cause you’re starring. Apparently.

Robert: Oh, sweet!

Riley: Best day ever!

Robert and Riley hugged the rest of the Millers, and Varian and Cassandra.

~ ~ ~

Throughout the week, the Millers were all rehearsing for their “So Random!” sketch comedy show.

Friday came soon enough and the Millers were about to record their first episode.

Cassandra: Okay! Thankfully NO sign of Zhan Tiri!

Varian: Adam sure is doing a good job guarding. Who knew!

Brittany: Okay, now here’s everyone’s roles…

Brittany handed out some papers that read:

Robert, Riley, David, Greg, Lizzie, and Cassandra - stars

Varian - director and camera-guy

Henry and Brittany - lights and audio

Emma - wardrobe, hair, and make-up

Brittany: Let’s get started!

Varian: One question…

Varian held up a cell phone.

Varian: How do I film videos with this?

Brittany: I guess I’m the new tech consultant too. It’s easy, Varian. Just go to apps, then camera, then hit the red button.

Varian: Got it…

Varian turned on the camera phone and hit record.

Varian: And action!

Cassandra: Are you ready to get… So Random!?

David held up a remote control and pushed a button.

Cheering and clapping could be heard.

Robert: This is a tribute show to the BEST sketch comedy ever!

Riley: If Sonny Monroe, Tawni Hart, Chad Dylan Cooper, Nico Harris, Grady Mitchell, and Zora Lancaster are seeing this, then you all did a wonderful show!

Cassandra: I know I’M not so familiar with So Random!

David pushed a button on his remote control.

Laughter could be heard.

Cassandra: Yes, yes. I’m a newcomer! But enjoy the show!

~ ~ ~

After they all filmed the entire first episode, Varian was in charge of uploading it to YouTube.

Varian: I don’t think I can do this! In 1500, there was no such thing as TouYube or whatever it is!

David: It’s YouTube, Varian.

Greg: And you got this!

Varian: I resign from the tech position! I can’t do it!

Cassandra: Come on. I starred in this thing. And I...was kinda camera shy.

Varian: YOU?! Come on, Cassie. You’ve defeated Zhan Tiri more than a few occasions. What’s one camera?

Cassandra shrugged.

Cassandra: I’m just glad it’s over.

Robert: Well, actually... 

Riley: There are 7 seasons of So Random!

Cassandra: You mean we have to record MORE episodes?!

Varian: I can’t take it anymore!

Varian and Cassandra ran out.

Greg: Well. Showbiz isn’t for everyone.

David: I’ll go take em back to 1502… Just let’s hope Zhan Tiri doesn’t greet us when we step foot in Corona.

David left.

Greg: And I’ll take care of uploading the video.

Greg took the phone that filmed everything and uploaded it to YouTube.

Robert: I hope the cast sees this.

Riley: Yeah! I bet they’d love it!

~ ~ ~

Sunday night, Robert and Riley were watching their sketch comedy show’s first episode.

Robert: This was awesome!

Riley: Yeah! I say, it was pretty fun.

After the video was done playing, they looked through the comments.

They found comments from each of the cast of So Random! that read:

Sonny - That was hilarious, Rmiller! You got what it takes!

Tawni - I’m glad you loved our show! Cassandra was my favorite part in your sketch comedy! She was so aloof! It’s perfect!

Chad - This was fantastic! You should do more!

Nico - We want MORE Robert and Riley!

Grady - And maybe a meatball sub! But this sketch was the best!

Zora - Keep it up! I hope to see you again soon!

Robert: Wow! They all liked it and want more!

Riley: Too bad Cassandra and Varian won’t do more…

Robert: There just may be a way of convincing them.

Robert winked.

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