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Stuck With the Genderbent Millers is the 10th episode of Stuck With the Millers.

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An episode centering around the gender-swapped Miller family and their friends. Dani and Grace time travel to help their ancestors, Varia and Cassandro get rid of the black rocks in Corona.

Character Appearances:


In an alternate Royal Woods, Dani, Levi, Angel, and Greyson were studying at the park.

Dani (girl David): If Mrs. Huggins still insists on me being in first grade and NOT college, then I’m moving far away!

Levi (boy Lisa): Don’t say that!

Angel (girl Foop): Yeah! I think it’d be awfully boring without you in our class.

Greyson (boy Goldie): Especially because you’re the most intelligent girl in our class!

Dani: True. But I really could use a challenge.

Levi: As could I.

Grace and her friends, Luci and Marci came up to Dani, Levi, Angel, and Greyson.

Grace (girl Greg): Dani, I need your help!

Dani: Yes?

Grace: I can’t decide what to wear when I ask Derby out.

Luci (girl Lucas): It’s critical she finds the right outfit!

Marci (girl Marcus): I mean, Gustel ALMOST chose the wrong blouse to wear on her first date with Jack. Their relationship almost never happened!

Dani: Who cares?! And besides, Grace. We’ve been over this. Smart girls like yourselves don’t belong with ignoramuses like Derby!

Grace: Well! Come on, girls! I must put on my best face!

Grace, Luci, and Marci left.

Dani: Okay, where were we?

Levi: Oh. Holly just texted me! She wants me to help her decide the next plan for tutoring Linka.

Dani: HOLLY?! Levi, honestly!

Angel: And my dad almost burned the fried chicken AGAIN! I gotta go…

Greyson: And I gotta help out with Cosma and Wando’s anniversary dinner. Cause it’s clear Sonny will do nothing.

Dani: Okay, see ya!

Dani’s friends left.

Dani: I wonder what Robin and Riley are cooking today…

Dani headed towards the Miller home.

~ ~ ~

Dani headed into the Miller’s kitchen, and saw Robin and Riley preparing sushi.

Dani: Oh, sweet! Sushi!

Robin (girl Robert): Yeah. But this is for dinner. Mom and dad are going to get home late.

Riley (girl Riley): So they wanted Robin and me to make dinner. Again!

Izzy, Emery, and Brian entered the kitchen.

Izzy (boy Lizzie): Sushi again?

Robin: That a problem?

Izzy: I mean, not really… But I invited Cady over for dinner and you know how much of a picky eater she is! She actually refused to eat a piece of London’s chocolate bar - and everyone loves chocolate!

Emery (boy Emma): Eh, I dig the sushi. It gives me a new idea for a design that I know Gabi Agreste will like. I just wish I could be a famous designer like her!

Brian (boy Brittany): And I need some of that sushi for a still life I’m going to paint.

Dani: You do realize this is going to be our dinner.

Henrietta entered with a calculator and a pad of paper.

Henrietta (girl Henry): Where are mom and dad? I need to help them with their taxes.

Robin: They’re working late tonight.

Henrietta: Oh. I guess I could help with your math homework, eh, Robin?

Robin: Actually, Riley and I did it all during study hall to get away from Manny and Jack.

Riley: They’ve been driving us CRAZY!

Henrietta: Suit yourself.

Grace came rushing in.

Grace: Dani! I need your help!

Dani: If it’s about your “date” with Derby, I don’t wanna hear it.

Grace: No! It’s about Varia and Cassandro! They need our help!

Dani: Well, why didn’t you just say that? Come on!

Dani and Grace left.

Robin: I bet they’ll come back to see what we’re making for dessert!

~ ~ ~

In Dani, Grace, Robin, and Henrietta’s room, Grace took out her time travel wrist-watch.

Dani: Okay, so what’s so urgent?

Grace: I’ve heard that Zane Tiri was actually the creator of the black rocks! And he’s summoned MORE in Corona to destroy Varia and Cassandro!

Dani: Oh great. Not Zane Tiri AGAIN! Does that dude ever sleep?

Grace shrugged.

Grace: I have no idea. But we need to stop him. Again.

Dani: Okay. But if he gets in the way of my study date with Levi tomorrow, he’ll become part of my dissecting experiment!

Grace: Alright. Let’s go!

Grace turned on the wrist-watch and a portal appeared.

It sucked the two girls up.

~ ~ ~

Dani and Grace landed in 1501 in Corona.

Cassandro and Varia came rushing over to Dani and Grace.

Cassandro (guy Cassandra): Thank goodness you’re here! MORE black rocks are appearing!

Varia (girl Varian): It’s insane! Zane Tiri will stop at nothing until Corona’s turned to dust!

Cassandro: We just saw some by the castle.

Dani, Grace, Cassandro, and Varia headed to the castle, where several black rocks had appeared.

Raphael and Eugia came up to Dani, Grace, Cassandro, and Varia.

Raphael (guy Rapunzel): My parents want these black rocks destroyed.

Eugia (girl Eugene): But honestly, I say it’s impossible!

Raphael: NOTHING is impossible, Eugia! I say we find Zane Tiri and strip him of his power!

Cassandro: You don’t seem to forget he’s a powerful, manipulative demon who made ME join his side last year?

Varia: Yeah. I say this battle might end poorly for us if we were to confront him…

A familiar voice echoed.

Voice: At last you see it my way!

Varia, Cassandro, Raphael, Eugia, Dani, and Grace turned around to see Zane Tiri.

Zane Tiri (guy Zhan Tiri): Oh, don’t be so surprised! These black rocks are here to stay!

Dani: I don’t think so! You’ve caused enough trouble!

Grace: Yeah!

Zane Tiri: I had no idea the foolish descendants of Varia and Cassandro were supposed to come today!

Grace: Leave Corona alone, okay!

Zane Tiri: Leave Corona alone, you say? Now is that really something I would do?

Zane Tiri flashed out.

Cassandro: What are we going to do?

Varia: I may have a new invention. That makes him totally nice!

Cassandro: And look how well that went the last time. Eugia became a malevolent villain out to destroy Corona!

Eugia: Hey, that REALLY happened?!

Raphael: It really happened. Yes.

Dani: We have to stop him!

Grace: Yeah. Who knows how many black rocks it’ll take to destroy Corona?!

Cassandro: I don’t want to take that chance. Let’s defeat that demon...again!

Dani, Grace, Cassandro, Varia, Raphael, and Eugia all left the castle area.

~ ~ ~

Dani, Grace, Varia, Cassandro, Raphael, and Eugia found Zane Tiri summoning more black rocks by Varia and her mom, Quinn’s house.

Varia: Great… If my mom sees more black rocks, she’s going to go ballistic!

Cassandro: Don’t worry. I’ll take care of him.

Cassandro marched up to Zane Tiri.

Zane Tiri: Oh, fancy meeting you here, Cassandro. Came to betray that Raphael again and take what’s rightfully yours?

Cassandro: Actually. I came to stop you.

Dani and Grace came over.

Dani: So did we!

Grace: Your reign of terror has come to an end, Zane Tiri!

Zane Tiri: Oh really? You haven’t seen terror yet!

Zane Tiri shot out black rocks from his hands.

Everyone but Cassandro dodged them.

Cassandro got hit by the black rocks and collapsed.

Varia rushed over to him.

Varia: Cassandro!

Varia began crying.

Varia: NO! This can’t be!

Zane Tiri: Well, ta! I’m off to destroy the Dark Kingdom now!

Zane Tiri flashed out.

Varia: Cassandro! Speak to me!

Cassandro was unconscious.

Varia cried even more.

Varia: I...can’t believe it. I was going to propose to him Sunday.

Varia bent down and gave Cassandro a kiss.

Cassandro opened up his eyes and got up weakly.

Parts of his hair also became blue.

Cassandro: Varia! You saved my life!

Raphael: True love’s kiss. Who knew?

Cassandro: Now we kick that demon’s butt! What do you say?

Varia: I’m in!

Raphael: So am I!

Eugia: And me!

Dani: Actually, Grace and I have to get home for dinner.

Grace: Yeah! Robin and Riley made sushi!

Cassandro: Well, suit yourself.

Varia: Yeah. We hope to see you real soon.

Dani: We’ll be back tomorrow!

Grace turned on her wrist-watch and Dani and Grace left through another portal.

Cassandro: Now! Let’s kick some demon butt!

~ ~ ~

Dani and Grace landed in their room.

Henrietta came in.

Henrietta: Mom and dad are back. They want to know if you’d be in for going to the aquarium on Saturday.

Dani: That would be great.

Grace: Now, let’s get some of that sushi!

Dani and Grace left their room.

~ ~ ~

Meanwhile, in 1501, Zane Tiri was captured by Varia and Cassandro.

Zane Tiri: REALLY! Locking me in jail! You’ll pay! All of Corona will!

Cassandro: Ah, give it a rest!

Varia: Yeah! In the meantime, Patty and Stella will keep an eye on you…

Cassandro: Uhh, Varia…

Zane Tiri: Patty and Stella are perfect! See ya, losers!

Varia and Cassandro glared at Zane Tiri and left.

Zane Tiri: Oh. Corona will soon cower to the name ZANE TIRI!

Zane Tiri laughed maniacally.