Stuck in Present Time...again is the 26th episode of Stuck With the Millers.

Next episode: Trapped in 1502!


Varian and Cassandra get stuck in 2021, and blend in a little too well. Meanwhile, Zhan Tiri gets trapped in 2021 and stirs up some trouble for the Miller family and their friends.

Character Appearances:


On a September day, David and Greg were getting ready for their first day back to school.

David: Third grade will be the best year yet! I heard Ms. Shrinivas decided to quit teaching from Darcy! There is NO chance for her being my teacher again!

Greg: Oh, but Ms. Shrinivas is so nice! Why don’t you like her again?

David: Uhhh… You know why! I already told you, because she unfairly gave Lisa a bad grade in social skills and forced her to befriend her pathetic niece… Darcy! When she had me! And unfortunately, Lexie at the time - I didn’t know she was an evil traitor who wants to steal Lisa’s life!

Greg rolled his eyes.

Greg: Riiight… Let’s get some breakfast. Robert said he made eggs Benedict!

David: Oh, that’s good! Let’s go!

David and Greg left.

Suddenly, a portal opened through Greg’s wristwatches.

Varian and Cassandra suddenly appeared in David, Greg, Adam, Robert, and Henry’s room.

Varian: Oh great! Please tell me we’re not going to be stuck here again!

Cassandra: It might not be so bad. We’ll just have to lie low again.

Varian and Cassandra left David, Greg, Adam, Robert, and Henry’s room.

Another figure got released from the portal.

Some evil laughter followed.

~ ~ ~

Meanwhile, at the breakfast table, the Millers were eating their breakfast.

Sarah: I’ll be home late tonight again… I missed so much at the community college when I was on maternity leave, so Robert, you’ll be cooking dinner again. Which you don’t mind doing?

Robert: Of course I don’t! I’m THRILLED! Tonight, we’re having my specialty sushi by me.

David: Oh, sweet!

Varian and Cassandra appeared in the kitchen dressed in the modern clothes they wore the last time.

Varian: I’m so hungry!

Cassandra: Yeah! Is there any food?

Todd: Wait - Varian and Cassandra?

Sarah: Are you lost?

Cassandra: We are! Varian and I were battling Zhan Tiri…

Varian: You know, just a typical Thursday…

Cassandra: When a portal sucked us here… in the future… AGAIN!

David: That’s strange. Greg, you DID charge the wrist-watches...didn’t you?

Greg: About that... 

Greg grinned sheepishly.

Greg: I took Adam to 1502 in the middle of the night to check out Attila’s new bakery…

David: And you didn’t even turn them off, I bet…

Greg: I was in a rush, okay! I didn’t wanna wake anybody!

Sarah: That was really irresponsible of you, Greg.

Varian: As long as Zhan Tiri didn’t follow us…

Cassandra: Yeah. She was right on our tail and she was annoying us ALL DAY!

A familiar voice echoed.

Voice: Now don’t say that, Cassandra…

Varian, Cassandra, and the rest of the Millers noticed Zhan Tiri.

Zhan Tiri: Well, isn’t ANYBODY going to make me at home?

David: Ohhhhhh, NO WAY! You are NOT staying at the Miller home!

Lizzie: But David! She’s lost too!

Cassandra: No, she can’t stay here.

Varian: Way too dangerous.

Adam looked terrified.

Adam: Zha- Tiri?

Adam began crying.

Sarah: Now look what you boys did! Letting our ancestors and their villainous rival get trapped in 2021 could spell trouble! You already made Adam cry!

David: It wasn’t MY fault!

Greg: Okay, okay. It was all me. And I can fix this. The first thing to do, though, is… find somewhere for Zhan Tiri to stay… cause she’s NOT staying here.

Zhan Tiri: Ohhh, why not?

The Millers, past and present, looked at the evil demon with worry.

Cassandra: Cause you’re evil!

Varian: You’d ruin everything!

David: You caused the Coronavirus!

Greg: And kidnapped Adam!

Adam began bawling some more.

Robert: AND manipulated Mandee and Jackie into being MORE mean to Riley and me.

Emma: I...don’t really know you so well, so I’m just going to agree with everyone.

Brittany: You just can’t be trusted.

Henry: I swear… you’ll ruin everything.

Lizzie: Actually - I don’t mind her here.

The Millers looked at Lizzie confused.

Lizzie: What? Zhan Tiri, you’ll be a new addition to my therapy group. You...have some anger inside you that I think I can work on.

Zhan Tiri: You FOOLS! I’m NOT staying here if THAT’S how I’m welcomed.

Zhan Tiri flashed out.

Greg: Well, that’s one problem gone…

David: Problem still here… If we get Varian and Cassandra back to 1502 WITHOUT Zhan Tiri… Then imagine what grave danger 2021 could be in!

Sarah: You kids can figure out a way to get them back to 1502 after school. You’re going to be late. And Cassandra, I should probably take you to college to help you blend in, right?

Cassandra: Perhaps. Or I could look for a job. I heard that could be fun.

Sarah: Suit yourself…

David: Come on, we can’t miss the bus.

The younger Millers, besides Adam, left.

Robert: Shall we conquer senior year, Varian?

Varian: Oh, that sounds great!

Robert and Varian left.

Brittany: And I guess I’ll take Cassandra out to look for a job.

Sarah: Oh, you’d do that?

Cassandra: But I might not even get one because I have no experience…

Brittany: Well, we can always try! Let’s go!

Brittany and Cassandra left.

Todd: We have good kids.

Sarah: You bet!

Sarah and Todd hugged.

~ ~ ~

David and Greg reached the playground for morning recess.

David: Greg, you better figure out a way to get our ancestors and that…demon...back to their own time.

Greg: I will, I will!

Just then, Lucas, Marcus, Mike, Gus, Lisa, Foop, Goldie, Poof, and Anti-Goldie rushed up to David and Greg.

Lucas: Big problem!

Foop: That strange demon girl that terrorized us on your 6th birthday, David, is on the playground.

Anti-Goldie: She was cool…

Goldie: Are you crazy?

Anti-Goldie shrugged.

Poof: Poof, poof?

Mike: It’s insane!

Marcus: Yeah!

Gus: Follow us, and you’ll see what we mean…

Lisa: She’s right over here…

David and Greg followed their friends to near the swings, where Zhan Tiri was terrorizing Lola and her pageant friends, along with Lana, Darcy, and Lexie, and had them locked up in separate cages, and was also dressed in a modern outfit.

Zhan Tiri: You really came to stop ME?!

Lola: Please help us!

Lindsey: Tell the new kid here to let us out...NOW!

Francis: Yeah! I have to go to the bathroom…

Zhan Tiri: TOO BAD!

Lexie: Don’t talk to my boyfriend like that!

Jane: Just free us…

Jackie: Gusie, you’ll help me. Won’t you?

Gus began blushing and staring at Jackie lovingly.

Darcy began bawling.

Darcy: And where’s Raffo!?

Zhan Tiri, David, Lisa, and Foop face-palmed.

Winston: And it’ll be a shame to have to tell the principal on you…

Zhan Tiri glared at Winston.

Lana: Just let us go. Here. Here’s a mud pie!

Lana handed Zhan Tiri a big mound of mud.

Zhan Tiri looked disgusted.

Zhan Tiri: Ewww! Get that away from me!

Lana: Then let us go!

David: Yeah! Or you’ll have to do hard time in the Lost Realm when you get back to 1502.

Zhan Tiri: UGH! Okay! Fine!

Zhan Tiri snapped her fingers and let the rest of David and Greg’s classmates go.

Zhan Tiri: But if you think I’ll make it easy on you for the rest of the day, you’re mistaken. Royal Woods will too be destroyed much like Corona!

David: You don’t scare us, Zhan Tiri.

Anti-Goldie: Can I join you?

Poof: Anti-Goldie!

Anti-Goldie: What? She’s winning. I wanna be on the winning side!

Zhan Tiri: Then you chose the right side! Anti-Goldie, I can make your dreams come true.

David: Don’t fall for it!

Greg: Yeah! Everyone knows how manipulative she is!

Anti-Goldie: I don’t care! I LIKE that! See ya, losers!

Anti-Goldie and Zhan Tiri left.

Foop: Oh, great! I thought she was really going to change for the better.

Goldie: I don’t really care…

Foop: Are you crazy, Goldie?! You don’t care that Anti-Goldie’s gone off with some demon?

Goldie: Well, she IS with someone as rotten as her. I’m glad she found someone with a like-minded personality. I don’t know why she was wasting her time with US.

Poof: Poof, poof!

Goldie rolled her eyes.

Goldie: Right. Cause she’s Poof’s girlfriend. That’s why.

Poof: Anti-Goldieeeeee!!

Poof ran off in the direction Anti-Goldie and Zhan Tiri left in.

David: Well. We’d all better head to class before we’re late.

Lisa: Let’s just hope...she…isn’t in the same class as either of us…

David, Greg, and their friends all headed toward the school.

~ ~ ~

David made it into his new third grade class. 

David's Uncle Tyler was at the front of the room. 

David: Uncle Tyler? YOU'RE my new teacher?! 

Tyler: Yes. But please just treat me how you treated your last teacher. 

Lexie spoke up. 

Lexie: Well, Mr. Miller, David actually treated Ms. Shrinivas with-

David glared at Lexie. 

Lexie: What? 

Tyler: Okay, everyone. Settle down and take your seats… We're also expecting a new student. Zhan Tiri. If she'd just get here… 

David gasped at the mention of Zhan Tiri's name. 

David whispered to Foop. 

David: You don't think…she…attends this school now? 

Just then, Zhan Tiri came into the classroom. 

David: Uncle Tyler, do you know who this is? 

Tyler looked clueless. 

Tyler: Our new student, Zhan Tiri. 

David: If you were a Miller, which I'm pretty sure you are, you'd remember Varian and Cassandra. And Varian and Cassandra got KILLED in 1521 because of HER! 

David pointed to Zhan Tiri. 

Zhan Tiri: Oh, uncle Tyler, he's making me look bad. 

Tyler eyed David. 

Tyler: Just settle down… and take your seat, Zhan Tiri, next to my nephew… 

Zhan Tiri sat in the empty seat next to David, and smirked. 

Zhan Tiri whispered to David. 

Zhan Tiri: You'll seriously regret ever crossing me. The entire Miller family over the years will pay for what they've done to me. So, DON'T CROSS ME! 

David shouted out. 


David went over and tackled Zhan Tiri to the ground. 

Tyler: DAVID! Go see Principal Huggins. 

David growled and started to head out the door. 

Zhan Tiri began to fake cry. 

Zhan Tiri: I think he really hates me… I'm glad you made room for me. 

Tyler: You're always welcome in my place. 

David growled again and left the classroom. 

Tyler: Okay. Now to talk about multiplication and division… 

~ ~ ~

Meanwhile, at Royal Woods High School, Robert and Varian caught up with Riley. 

Riley: Robert! What's up? 

Robert: Same old. Varian's back. 

Varian: Yeah. I think I'm kinda getting used to this place… Hey, can I borrow your phone, Riley? I wanna make a call. 

Riley: Strange. Last time you traveled here, you didn't even know what a phone was. But here. 

Varian dialed up Brittany’s number.

Varian: Hey, how’s Cassandra doing? Uh-huh. Yeah. Great! Bye!

Varian: Cassandra said YES to prom!

Robert: But last year, you didn’t even know what prom WAS!

Varian: Yeah. But Cass and I will go TOGETHER!

A familiar voice echoed.

Voice: Oh, really?

Robert, Riley, and Varian turned around to see Mandee and Jackie.

Robert: Mandee, Jackie… Why are you eavesdropping?

Mandee: Hello! It’s a public hallway!

Jackie: And what’s this I hear about your pathetic cousin going to prom?

Mandee: Whoever this “Cass” is probably doesn’t even exist!

Varian: Oh, but she does! Cassandra’s the greatest. I bet you’re still going to go with the same two losers you talked about last year…

Mandee: Grant’s not a loser, okay!

Jackie: And neither is Miguel!

Mandee: And Robert, Riley, if ya ever think you’re going to prom together again - just give it a rest!

Robert: For the last time, Mandee. Riley and I love each other. Ya can’t stop it.

Riley: Yeah! Besides… class will start any moment.

Robert: You don’t want anything to happen to your perfect attendance award you’ve been coveting since middle school, girls!

Robert, Riley, and Varian walked away from Mandee and Jackie.

Mandee: Those boys think they’re so smart! Ugggghhh…

Jackie: Come on, we don’t wanna be late…

Jackie and Mandee headed toward the direction of Mr. Tate’s room.

~ ~ ~ 

Meanwhile, at the Royal Woods Mall, Cassandra and Brittany were looking around for jobs.

They noticed Lori and Leni walking by.

Brittany: Lori! Leni! My uh...cousin and I need help looking for a job.

Cassandra: All of the jobs here said I wasn’t “qualified” enough for them! Hello! I am shook.

Brittany looked at Cassandra confused.

Leni: Well, Reininger’s is offering a new position.

Lori: You should check that place out. It’s where Bobby Boo-boo Bear got me this sweet ring!

Lori held up her right hand.

Cassandra: Wow. Pretty. Varian, my new fiance also gave me a beautiful ring.

Cassandra held up her right hand.

Lori: Awwww! You’re literally lucky!

Leni: Come on, Lori, there’s some sushi at the food court!

Lori: Oooo!

Lori and Leni left.

Brittany: Cassandra. What is going on? How can you possibly understand Lori and Leni’s mindless chatter? I can’t even understand them - and we’ve been friends for years!

Cassandra: Well… Uh… I don’t know, actually.

Brittany: Maybe we should just head home…

Cassandra: Good call. I am supes tired!

Brittany looked at Cassandra confused again, and kept walking.

Cassandra followed behind.

~ ~ ~

Meanwhile, at the elementary school, David was in the main office for recess as part of his punishment.

Zhan Tiri suddenly flashed in.

Zhan Tiri: David, know that you can’t defeat me.

David: Oh, that is it!

David tackled Zhan Tiri to the ground and began beating her up.

Tyler came rushing in.

Tyler: DAVID! Do I have to separate you two?

David: It’s NOT my fault she’s a crazy demon who keeps harassing me!

Zhan Tiri: Look at all the lies he’s telling, Uncle Tyler!

David: He is NOT your uncle! He’s MINE, and you go bug someone else! I’m done with you!

Zhan Tiri: Fine!

Zhan Tiri flashed out.

David: Uncle Tyler, please sit. You’re not going to like this…

Uncle Tyler sat on the bench next to David.

David held up his phone. A video was playing of Zhan Tiri threatening him, Greg, Adam, Varian, Cassandra, Rapunzel, and Eugene.

Tyler looked shocked.

Tyler: My WORD! You were RIGHT! She IS an evil demon out to destroy the world! And I sent YOU to the principal’s office!

David: I know! We need to get the whole school together to stop her!

Tyler: I dunno, David. This is only a family matter.

David: But I can get my friends together, right?

Tyler: I suppose…

David: Great!

David left.

Tyler: Wait! Your recess suspension isn’t -

Tyler sighed.

Tyler: Never mind. He’s a good kid.

Tyler smiled.

~ ~ ~

David finally made it on the playground just before the end of recess.

Foop, Goldie, Lisa, and Darcy noticed David running up to them.

David: Guys! You gotta help me with something.

Foop: Hang on… What happened?!

Goldie: Anything wrong?

Lisa: I thought ya were suspended from recess for tackling Zhan Tiri-

Lisa gasped.

Lisa: And now that I say that out loud…

Lisa suddenly got mad.


David: Nothing yet. But she’s slowly manipulating her way on the honor roll!

Darcy: I’m confused. Who’s Zhan Tiri?

David, Lisa, Foop, and Goldie face-palmed.

David: Zhan Tiri has been RUINING us Millers’ lives since Greg and I started going to 1501!

Lisa: Yeah, are you really THAT naive, Darcy?

Foop: What’s wrong with you?!

Goldie: There is an actual crisis, and you DON’T even see it? Honestly!

Darcy burst into tears.

Darcy: I’m SORRY!

Greg came up, along with his friends.

Greg: Hasn’t she suffered enough from your kind, David?

David: Greg. Defend Darcy on your own time. Zhan Tiri’s literally RUINING my life!

Greg: Really now?

Gus: I knew that new girl was trouble…

Marcus: I wonder if she’s single…

David, Lisa, Foop, Goldie, Greg, Lola, Lana, Jane, Jackie, Winston, Francis, Lindsey, and Lexie all looked at Marcus disgustedly, while Mike, Lucas, and Gus smirked.

David: Okay, EW! She’s literally a thousand year old demon!

Marcus: Seriously?!

Lucas: Well, she be looking good for a thousand.

Mike: Maybe we should take her out for the evening…

Gus: I’d say Jackie was the prettiest girl here, but it’s clear it’s Zhan Tiri.

Jackie smacked Gus.

Jackie: Oh, REALLY?!

Jackie crossed her arms.

Gus: You know you’re my only love.

Jackie: Aww, how can I stay mad at you?

Jackie kissed Gus on the cheek.

Greg and David face-palmed.

David: This is a serious issue!

Greg: Lucas, Marcus, Mike, and Gus, if you ever think of flirting with that thing, our friendship could very well suffer!

Lucas rolled his eyes.

Lucas: We were only kidding.

Marcus: Now let’s kick some demon butt!

Lexie: I don’t mean to interrupt…

Lexie pointed to Zhan Tiri, who was coming closer with Poof and Anti-Goldie.

Lexie: She’s coming NOW! And I can’t be seen with YOU fools!

Francis: Neither can I! It could totally ruin our reputation!

Lindsey: But Francis!

Jane: Let them go.

Lexie and Francis left.

David: And great. Looks like she recruited Poof and Anti-Goldie on her side…

Foop: I never knew Poof could sink that low. 

Foop looked unamused.

Foop: ...Oh wait.

Zhan Tiri came up to them.

Zhan Tiri: Well, I guess SOMEBODY’S planning on stopping me. I heard from our uncle Tyler.

David: For the last time, DEMON, he’s MY uncle! And my uncle only!

Greg cleared his throat authoritatively.

David: That’s right. And Greg’s! So mess with someone else’s family. PLEASE!

Zhan Tiri: No matter, cause I already got two new recruits. You know Poof and Anti-Goldie, don’t you?

Foop: We do.

Goldie: What do you want with them?

Anti-Goldie: Don’t take it personally, but I find Zhan Tiri to really get me. Unlike any of you losers.

Poof: Poof, poof!

Anti-Goldie: And Poof wants Zhan Tiri to be your…

Poof: Poof, poof.

Anti-Goldie: If you REALLY think SHE’S the one for you and not me, you’re incredibly delusional!

Poof: No! Poof, poof!

Anti-Goldie rolled her eyes.

Anti-Goldie: Right. Poof wants to be her friend. That makes total sense.

Winston: Please just leave us all alone, Zhan Tiri.

Lola: Yeah! I couldn’t even sleep through Ms. DiMartino’s LAME stories…

Lana: Uhh, Lola?

Lola: UGH! You RUINED my first day of 4th grade, and you’re all to blame!

Henry went over along with Lucy, Silas, and Rocky.

Henry: She also ruined my first day of 5th grade!

Silas: I would’ve much rather read my Twilight book in peace. But no.

Lucy: I would’ve much rather resurrected Great Grandma Harriet.

Rocky: And I would’ve much rather made ketchup look like blood!

Zhan Tiri: Oooo, who are these kids? They look promising…

Henry: Lay a hand on my friends, demon, and I can just subtract you from this equation.

Everyone looked confused.

Henry: Well, because if she’s here, then… 

Henry realized that everyone looked uninterested.

Henry: Never mind. Zhan Tiri, just leave us alone!

Zhan Tiri: Never! I’ll never rest until this school, and this town is nothing but...DUST!

Zhan Tiri flashed out.

Anti-Goldie looked upset.

Anti-Goldie: UGH! I can’t take her anymore! I really thought I’d like her.

Foop: YOU can’t take her anymore?

Goldie: Come on! You said yourself that she’s the awesome queen of darkness.

Anti-Goldie: I changed my mind, okay! Besides, Lucy, Silas, you didn’t even include me in any of your activities!

Lucy: Oh. I’m sorry.

Silas: Let’s have a debate on who’s team you’re on. Edward or Jacob.

Rocky: It’s ALWAYS Jacob!

Lucy, Silas, Rocky, and Anti-Goldie left as Zhan Tiri reappeared.

Zhan Tiri: Eh. I was GOING to betray that brat anyways…


Zhan Tiri: Oh great. It talks.

Poof: I KNEW I shouldn’t have trusted you!

Foop: Poof, you can really talk?

Poof: Uh… Poof, poof?

Foop face-palmed.

Foop: Of course.

Zhan Tiri: You all are going to regret being alive.

Lindsey: That’s a threat! I know it’s a threat!

Zhan Tiri: And I’ll start with the plump one. She looks promising.

Jane: Whatever you wanna do to me, ya can’t, okay! I can do ballet!

Zhan Tiri: Ballet won’t help you here, girl…

Zhan Tiri snapped her fingers. Jane vanished in thin air.

Lola: What DID YOU DO?!

Zhan Tiri: I guess Miss beauty queen also wants to go where your little plump princess friend went. Hhmmmm…

Lola: NO! Just-

Zhan Tiri: TOO BAD!

Zhan Tiri snapped her fingers. Lola also vanished in thin air.

Lana: Get my twin back! Here! Another mud pie!

Lana threw a mud pie right in Zhan Tiri’s face.

Zhan Tiri wiped the mud right off of her.

Zhan Tiri: That’s disgusting. Tomboys like you get a special place in my collection of doomed Royal Woodsians!

Zhan Tiri held up a big book. Several of the Royal Woods Elementary students and staff were in there.

Lana: WHAT?! Not Mickey!

Mike: Yeah! That’s my lil sis!

Zhan Tiri: Unless you two wanna join her?!

Lana: Well-

Mike: Not-

Zhan Tiri: TOO BAD!

Zhan Tiri snapped her fingers.

Zhan Tiri kept snapping her fingers and putting everyone in the book until the last few standing were David, Greg, Lisa, Foop, and Goldie.

David, Greg, Lisa, Foop, and Goldie all hid out of Zhan Tiri’s sight.

David: What are we going to do?

Lisa: I say we just dissect her!

Greg: But she can never die.

David: Yeah. Zhan Tiri always just shows up again whenever we think we’ve killed her.

Lisa looked disappointed.

Lisa: Well, she better not ruin my study date with Hugh after school today…

Zhan Tiri overheard.

Zhan Tiri: A study date with my beloved great, great, great, great, great grandson?!

Zhan Tiri snapped her fingers. Hugh was now on the cover of the book.

Lisa: NOOOO!!

Lisa burst into tears, as David face-palmed.

Zhan Tiri: My book is still looking rather empty…

Zhan Tiri flashed out.

David: Phew! I thought for sure she was going to get us.

Greg: We gotta find a way to get everyone out of that book!

Foop: I think I know how…

Greg: Really?! HOW?!

Foop whispered in Greg’s ear.

Greg: Ahhhhh. That’s good. That’s really good!

~ ~ ~

At the high school, Robert, Riley, and Varian were eating lunch in the cafeteria.

Robert: So, you got a date to prom, Varian?

Varian: Yep! Cassandra and I will go in hand in hand.

Just then, Mandee and Jackie went up to Robert, Riley, and Varian, and looked panicked.

Mandee: Literally EVERYONE in our home-ec class disappeared!

Jackie: Yeah! And the whole BASKETBALL team!

Dexter overheard.

Dexter: My friend, Lynn’s on that team! How’d she disappear?!

Riley: Well, there must be some logical explanation for-

Varian: Zhan Tiri.

Jackie: Zhan - who?!

Robert: Zhan Tiri followed Varian to the present day and is probably planning something big.

Mandee: Whatever! I need to go find Grant! 

Mandee suddenly disappeared.

Jackie: MANDEE! Varian, Robert, Riley, if you three twerps had anything to do with this, I swear…

Dexter: They didn’t! It was Zhan Tiri!

Jackie: Ew! Why are you still here, nerd?

Jackie suddenly disappeared as well.

Robert and Riley looked overjoyed.

Robert: The homophobes are GONE!

Riley: It’s about time!

Varian and Dexter looked at Robert and Riley annoyed.

Varian: I know you two don’t like Mandee and Jackie. Heck, I’m not too fond of them, either. But we NEED to rescue them!

Dexter: Varian’s right! Now… I don’t exactly get what’s happening here, but Royal Woods must be saved!

Robert: You know what? You’re right!

Robert, Riley, Varian, and Dexter left the cafeteria.

Zhan Tiri was sitting at one of the tables looking in her book of everyone from Royal Woods trapped in there.

Zhan Tiri: If those boys even THINK of ruining my plan, they’re going to pay and I’ll make a special place in this book for them!

Zhan Tiri laughed evilly and flashed out.

~ ~ ~

At the middle school, Lizzie, Lincoln, Clyde, Chandler, Cody, Landon, and Jenni were in Lizzie’s therapy club room.

Lizzie: Okay, so to end our session, tell each other one good thing about each other.

Lincoln: It’s good I have a good friend like Clyde!

Clyde: And it’s good that Cody seems to understand me!

Landon: I guess… It’s good that Chandler was my only friend in kindergarten.

Chandler: And I guess it’s good that Landon isn’t afraid to say what he’s thinking.

Cody: And I think it’s good that Lizzie teaches me to be more open.

Lizzie: And I think it’s good that Jenni’s my friend who supports me!

Jenni: And I think it’s good that you’re so helpful, Lizzie!

A familiar voice echoed.

Voice: And I think it’s so good that you’re all about to play a part in my plan!

Lizzie: Wait - Zhan Tiri?! You finally decided to join my therapy group!

Zhan Tiri: I didn’t come to join your stupid therapy group, worthless Miller! I came to DESTROY your worthless therapy group!

Lizzie: Well, we won’t let you! Right guys?

Lincoln and Clyde were in the corner hugging each other, Chandler and Landon suddenly zoned out, Jenni was holding Lizzie’s hand nervously, and Cody was rocking in the corner.

Zhan Tiri laughed evilly.

Zhan Tiri: Please. You can’t stop me. Ya got two geeky sissys, two insecure bullies, a brain-dead ditz, and an autistic weirdo on your team. You all REALLY think you can stand up to my power? Well?!

Zhan Tiri opened up her book and snapped her fingers.

The rest of Lizzie’s therapy group were transported in Zhan Tiri’s book.

Lizzie: You let my friends out of there RIGHT NOW!

Zhan Tiri laughed evilly.

Zhan Tiri: Never! You wanna be next?

Lizzie: NO!

Zhan Tiri: Well, too bad!

Zhan Tiri trapped Lizzie in the book, laughed evilly, and left.

Emma came into the therapy room and saw everything.

Emma: This is worse than I thought! I need to get help!

~ ~ ~

At the park, David, Greg, Lisa, Foop, Goldie, Anti-Goldie, Poof, Robert, Riley, Luna, Sam, Sarah, Todd, Adam, Henry, Brittany, Tyler, Dexter, Melissa, Bethany, April, Cassandra, and Varian were all by a tree discussing on what to do about Zhan Tiri.

David: She is OUT OF CONTROL!

Greg: It’s all my fault. I’m so sorry.

Sarah: It’s okay, Greg! We can figure something out.

Just then, Emma came rushing up to them.

Emma: Guys! Guys! Zhan Tiri captured Lizzie!

David: Okay, now that demon has gone too far!

Greg: What are we going to do?

Foop: Well, Goldie, Anti-Goldie, Poof, and I have a solution…

Goldie: It may sound far-fetched, but… We were fairies who lived in Fairy World.

Goldie pointed to her, Foop, Poof, and Anti-Goldie.

Anti-Goldie: Actually, we were anti-fairies…

Anti-Goldie pointed to her and Foop.

Anti-Goldie: And Poof and Goldie were fairies.

Greg: Like it really matters! Your plan?

Foop: Right. So we just fight magic with magic!

Luna: Dude! None of us are even magical BUT you 4!

Sam: Yeah! That demon even sucked up our entire band!

Luna: Now how are we going to perform for the county fair’s final jam?

Sam: We’ve been practicing for months!

Foop: That was one part of the plan I didn’t even consider…

Anti-Goldie: Leave it to Foop to mess everything up!

Goldie: Ya know what, Anti-Goldie?!

Melissa: Maybe we should all take this one step at a time…

Bethany: Surely we can ALL partake in Foop’s plan!

April: If everyone works together. This is a lot like how the Allies had to work together to stop the Nazis during World War II.

Varian and Cassandra weren’t even listening and were texting.

Greg: Varian? Cassandra? Ya got anything?

Varian: Oh sorry. I was texting Cassandra.

Cassandra: And I was texting Varian.

Foop: But you’re RIGHT next to each other!

David: And how’d you two get cell phones anyways?!

Varian: Mandee dropped hers when she was getting swallowed in Zhan Tiri’s deadly book.

Cassandra: Lori gave me her old one.

Sarah: These two have to get back to their time or their minds will be completely wiped of 1502!

David: One thing at a time, mother. Stopping Zhan Tiri!

Sarah: Right.

Greg: I got it! It just takes combining science, magic, and whatever other strengths anyone has!

Foop: Then what are we waiting for? Let’s catch us a demon!

~ ~ ~

David, Greg, Lisa, Foop, Goldie, Anti-Goldie, Poof, Robert, Riley, Luna, Sam, Sarah, Todd, Adam, Henry, Emma, Brittany, Tyler, Dexter, Melissa, Bethany, April, Cassandra, and Varian all found where Zhan Tiri was - the Royal Woods Elementary School playground.

Zhan Tiri: Well, well, well! You came to stop me...didn’t you?

David: Right we did!

Greg: You’re too much trouble!

Adam: I never wanna see you again!

Adam bawled even more.

Robert: So let our friends or anyone else you trapped in that book go!

Dexter: You’re WORSE than Bill Cipher! You’re… like Dolores Umbridge!

Zhan Tiri: Can’t this geek do ANYTHING better than compare me to lame fantasy villains?!

David: He can’t! Now please. Let our friends and anyone else in Royal Woods go, or…

Lisa: We take that book by force!

Lisa ran up to Zhan Tiri and tackled her to the ground.

Lisa: I don’t think I can hold her any longer… David, Greg, Foop! Grab her before she runs off!

David, Greg, and Foop all grabbed Zhan Tiri and pinned her down. 

Lisa grabbed the book.

Lisa: Alright. First person we have to rescue… My beloved, Hugh! 

David: Uhhh… What about Lizzie?!

Lisa: I’m getting there. Anti-Goldie. Do the honors!

Anti-Goldie: Wouldn’t it be better to just let everyone out of the book at once, Lisa? For a genius, you’re not too bright.

Lisa rolled her eyes.

Lisa: FINE! Release them all! And make sure they all block Zhan Tiri’s way to escape!

Anti-Goldie: Got it!

Anti-Goldie snapped her fingers.

Every single person in Royal Woods came flying out of the book.

Lincoln: Maaann. That was insane.

Mandee: I need a smoothie.

Darcy: And where’s Raffo?!

Lori: And where’s Boo-boo Bear?!

Bobby: I’m right over here, babe!

Lynn: Betsy, let’s continue that basketball game! You’re goin’ down!

Betsy: Oh really? Have an ambulance ready!

Francisco: Girls, please! We’ll play a nice game!

Margo: Yeah. But Betsy’s still going down.

Luan: And now where were we with our rehearsals for the school play, Benny?

Benny: Yeah, I am totally unprepared!

Maggie: That’s a first! 

Lucy: Sigh. It’s good to be back.

Silas: You’re telling me. Trapped in a book. So alone.

Rocky: Hey, at least we’re all out now!

Luna and Sam were looking around for their band in the crowd.

Luna: Still don’t see Sully and Mazzy!

Sam: I see them!

Sam pulled Luna into the crowd.

Hugh came out of the crowd.

Lisa: HUGH!

Lisa jumped up and gave him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Hugh: Wow, Lisa. I can’t believe you saved us all! You’re my hero.

David: Really, Hugh? Cause it wasn’t JUST Lisa. It was all of us who survived Zhan Tiri’s cursed book!

Zhan Tiri made it out of the crowd and looked angry.


Greg: Oh really? Cause you, along with my ancestors will go back to 1502 and never bug any of us again!

Varian: But I like 2021!

Cassandra: I can be anything I want here! Look! I just got a million Instagram followers!

David: Oh, they’re GOING back!

Greg: Okay, Cassandra, Varian, Zhan Tiri, you three follow me back home. Robert, give us a ride.

Robert: On it.

Greg, Robert, Zhan Tiri, Varian, and Cassandra all went into Robert’s car.

Everyone else, besides the Miller siblings and their parents had already left.

David: And now the rest of us can only hope we’ll have a good year.

Lizzie: It will now that I’m out of that book! I just wanted to help that demon see the error of her ways, but noooooo!

Sarah: Maybe it’s wise, Lizzie, not to force others to change their personality.

Todd: As long as nothing like this ever happens again!

~ ~ ~

At the Miller home, Greg took out his completely charged wrist-watch.

Greg: Okay, you three will go back where you belong…

Zhan Tiri: ACTUALLY, I have a better idea…

Zhan Tiri jumped out of the window.

Greg: Oh great! Demon on the loose!

David came in with Zhan Tiri.

David: Looking for this?

Zhan Tiri: I would’ve only gotten away with it if it weren’t for your meddling brother, GREG!

Greg rolled his eyes.

Greg: Well, sayonara!

Cassandra was still texting.

Cassandra: NO! Mandee said what?!

Greg: Drop the phone, Cassandra. And then we’re sending you back!

Cassandra: Ugh, fine!

Cassandra threw the phone out the window.

Cassandra: Happy?

David: MUCH! Greg, now!

Greg turned on his wrist-watch. 

Zhan Tiri, Cassandra, and Varian all got sucked into a big portal.

David: Phew! Glad that’s over with!

Greg: I’ll say!

~ ~ ~

Meanwhile, in 1502, Varian and Cassandra were locking Zhan Tiri up in the castle’s new magic-proof jail cell.

Cassandra: It’s for your own good.

Varian: More like OUR own good! We NEVER wanna see you again!

Varian and Cassandra left.

Zhan Tiri: Oh, run away, you two. Cause you’ll pay. And SO WILL CORONA!

Zhan Tiri laughed evilly.

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