Trapped in 1502! is the 27th episode of Stuck With the Millers.

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When Dexter visits, David, Greg, Adam, and Dexter get trapped in 1502 in the middle of a big war between Varian and Cassandra against Zhan Tiri.

Character Appearances:


On a Saturday morning, David and Greg were doing their homework, with Adam watching them.

David: Well. I just multiplied a dozen polynomials! Uncle Tyler will be so impressed on Monday morning!

Greg: Well, Ms. DiMartino will just LOVE my English essay on translating French verbs! I hate to say, Darcy ISN’T the one for me! It’s Ms. DiMartino!

David face-palmed.

David: One, she’s your teacher… and 2...  I heard Darcy likes smart guys…

Greg perked up.

David: Who has stuffed giraffe toys.

Greg: All I have is this giraffe cerebrum soaking in formaldehyde!

Greg pointed to a big tank on his desk.

David: Well, Ms. DiMartino WON’T be going for YOU… I heard she’s engaged…

Greg: Dang it.

Dexter came running in.

Dexter: Guys! I’m staying the whole week here! Isn’t that great?

David: If by great, you mean… Well, define great.

Dexter: Come on, David! You liked me the last time I came over! We even battled against Zhan Tiri, who tried taking over the present day!

David: I am aware. But Dexter, please, oh please… Don’t mess with anything.

Dexter wasn’t paying attention and was studying Greg’s wrist-watches.

Dexter: Oooo, I wonder what THIS button does…

Dexter pushed a button on the wrist-watch and a portal showed up.

David: Well. We weren’t planning on going to Corona today… But what the heck?

The portal sucked in David, Greg, Adam, and Dexter.

~ ~ ~

David, Dexter, Greg, and Adam all crash-landed in Corona in 1502, which looked much like a war-zone.

David: Something looks different here.

Cassandra and Varian were running past the present day Millers, and accidentally stepped on the wrist-watch.

David: Our wrist-watch!

Cassandra noticed David, Greg, Adam, and Dexter.

Cassandra: David? Dexter? Adam? Greg?

Varian: What are you doing here?

Cassandra: And sorry about the wrist-watch. But we can’t stay and talk.

Varian: Zhan Tiri has taken over Corona! And we need to stop her!

Varian and Cassandra ran off.

David: Great. We’re trapped in 1502 where Zhan Tiri takes over Corona!

Greg: I did not see that coming.

Adam began crying.

Dexter: Well, at the very least, we can explore Corona!

David: Dexter, this is YOUR fault, you know! I was planning on going over to Foop’s house to plan a revenge prank on Poof and Anti-Goldie, who for some evil reason, decided to replace Foop’s shampoo with glue!

Greg: And I was planning on going over to Lucas and Marcus’ place to slingshot pennies at their crabby neighbor who has it out for them!

David, Adam, and Dexter eyed Greg.

Greg: What? She snitches on them about EVERYTHING! Even dancing to music!

David: Whatever. I’m sure there’s a way to fix them. But we just need to find a way out of this war torn area and look for some place nice!

Greg: That’s going to be impossible.

Dexter: Who said it’s impossible? I haven’t gotten to know Varian and Cassandra much. Do they accept a Star Wars action figure?

Dexter held up an action figure of Luke Skywalker from Star Wars.

David: I’ll save you the trouble. No. Now let’s get out of here before-

A familiar clap of thunder appeared.

Adam began crying.

David: Oh great…

Zhan Tiri appeared right by David, Greg, Dexter, and Adam.

Adam: Zha- Tiri?!

Adam began crying some more.

David: Varian and Cassandra told me you’ve taken over Corona! Well, we won’t stand for it!

Zhan Tiri: That is absolutely right! I now possess the sundrop, moonstone, AND the mind trap! Corona will soon be destroyed now that I got you pathetic future Millers!

David: I don’t think so, Zhan Tiri! You’re not going to get away with this one. You’re going to be dead! Dead I tell you!

Zhan Tiri: I don’t know about that. What I do know…is you’re all coming with ME!

Zhan Tiri flashed out with David, Greg, Adam, and Dexter.

~ ~ ~

In Rapunzel’s castle, everything was all torn apart.

Zhan Tiri tied David, Greg, Adam, and Dexter in the throne room.

Zhan Tiri: You are going to be here a while…

David: Really? Cause I don’t think so!

Zhan Tiri evilly laughed and flashed out.

Greg noticed Rapunzel, Eugene, Lance, Angry, and Red also tied up.

Greg: Uhh, looks like we’re NOT alone.

David: Rapunzel?

Rapunzel: It’s true! Zhan Tiri’s stripped me of everything!

David: HOW did this happen? I mean, yesterday, Greg and I went to this exact time and everything was fine!

Eugene: Well, right after you two left, Zhan Tiri found where Rapunzel and I hid the sundrop and moonstone!

Lance: Then she went to the Spire, abducted Calliope, and took the mind trap!

Angry: The Brotherhood has been acting strange ever since.

Red: It’s like they don’t even want to protect Corona anymore!

David: We HAVE to get out of here!

Dexter: Yeah! I have a Rick and Morty cosplay convention I need to arrive at!

Rapunzel: What is… Rick and Morty?

David: Don’t ask.

Adam began crying.

David: It’s okay, Adam. We’ll get back home!

Greg was fiddling with something behind him.

David: Greg… What are you doing?

Greg got up freely and stood up.

Greg: Oh. I set myself free!

David: That’s great! Think you could help US out?

Greg: Oh, sure!

Greg took out the object he was fiddling with - a pair of scissors - and set David, Adam, Dexter, Rapunzel, Eugene, Lance, Angry, and Red free.

David: Now we all have to find Varian and Cassandra, and then DESTROY the demon!

Rapunzel: I hate to say it… but I agree! Let’s annihilate her!

Eugene: Rapunzel! Wow!

Rapunzel: Well? She DID interrupt our FIRST wedding try!

David: Well, let’s get her!

David, Greg, Adam, Dexter, Rapunzel, Eugene, Lance, Angry, and Red all left.

Zhan Tiri observed from the other room.

Zhan Tiri: They WON’T be leaving that easily!

Zhan Tiri smirked, and then started laughing maniacally.

~ ~ ~

David, Greg, Adam, Dexter, Rapunzel, Eugene, Lance, Angry, and Red found Varian and Cassandra over at the town hall.

Varian: I KNEW you’d all be okay!

Cassandra: You gotta watch out, David. Zhan Tiri’s CRAZIER than ever!

Zhan Tiri snuck behind them.

Zhan Tiri: Now, I wouldn’t say THAT, Cassandra…

They turned around to see Zhan Tiri, smirking evilly.

Zhan Tiri: Thought you could escape my trap for you pathetic Millers and any Coronian who’ll stop me…

Zhan Tiri eyed Rapunzel, Eugene, Lance, Angry, and Red.

Zhan Tiri: But no. I am more powerful than you’ll ever know now! Corona will be mine FOREVER!

David: I don’t think so!

Rapunzel: Though my hair got cut in our LAST battle… You should know, you won’t win!

Zhan Tiri: I won’t, princess? Well, I already HAVE!

Angry: Look! Red and I have been scared of you for FAR too long! No more!

Red: You’re going down, demon!

Lance: That’s my girls!

Zhan Tiri: Oh really? You’ve messed with the wrong demon!

Zhan Tiri shape-shifted into her demon form.

Eugene: Seriously? Just when I thought she could stop that terrifying habit!

Rapunzel: Oh, Eugene! It’s going to be okay!


Zhan Tiri chucked fireballs at several of the buildings and watched them all fall down.

Varian: NO! Stop this madness!

Zhan Tiri: I’ll NEVER stop until Corona is nothing but… DUST!

David: We gotta do something!

Cassandra lept up with a frying pan and hit Zhan Tiri on the head.

Zhan Tiri fell down and looked unconscious.

Cassandra: You’re welcome.

Zhan Tiri shape-shifted back into her true form, and looked angry.

Zhan Tiri: A frying pan won’t defeat me!

Dexter picked up a bucket full of water and splashed it on Zhan Tiri, who looked mad.

Zhan Tiri: How dare you pour water on the great Zhan Tiri? Now you must PAY!

Varian, Cassandra, David, Greg, Adam, Rapunzel, Eugene, Lance, Angry, and Red eyed Dexter.

Dexter: What? It worked in the Wizard of OZ!

David: UH! That’s a MOVIE!

Zhan Tiri: This nerd and his inane fantasy references… MUST DIE!!

Zhan Tiri flashed out, and then came back with a killing look in her eyes.

Zhan Tiri shot lightning bolts out of her hands.

Just as everyone was about to get hit, Cassandra used her moonstone powers to create a giant shield.

Cassandra held it up to Zhan Tiri, as the lightning bolts bounced off the shield and hit her.

Zhan Tiri shook off the electric energy.

Zhan Tiri: It’s really cute you think you can defeat me!

Lance: We need back-up! Come, Angry and Red. We need to get some more help!

Lance, Angry, and Red left.

Zhan Tiri: I don’t know WHO they’re going to get. I’ve already locked up all the guards and everyone else in Corona in the castle jail!

Rapunzel: You didn’t!

Zhan Tiri smirked. 

Zhan Tiri: Oh. But I did!

Varian: Well, you won’t get away with this for long!

Varian took out some potions and threw them at Zhan Tiri.

Zhan Tiri dodged them all, but one.

The final potion caused Zhan Tiri’s feet to stick to the ground.

Zhan Tiri: You’ll pay for this, Varian! And your precious friends and Millers too!

Dexter: Now you really DO sound like the Wicked Witch! Are you SURE you don’t melt?

David: Dexter!

Varian, Cassandra, David, Greg, Adam, Dexter, Rapunzel, and Eugene all headed to the castle.

Zhan Tiri: I’ll get them…

~ ~ ~

After a while, everyone was released from the castle’s jail and stampeded Zhan Tiri, who got up and looked furious.

Zhan Tiri: You’ll all PAY! Every one of you! Now listen to your new queen!

Rapunzel: I don’t think anyone will anymore…

David held up the mind trap, sundrop, and moonstone, and then chucked them at a considerable distance.

Zhan Tiri: My sources of power!

Eugene: You don’t scare me anymore, Zhan Tiri! 

Rapunzel: Now you shall be jailed for your crimes… FOR LIFE!

Zhan Tiri: Surely we can make some kind of arrangement…

Cassandra: Oh no. We are NOT letting you go ANYMORE!

Rapunzel: Oh, Pete, Stan! Take her in!

Two guards held up Zhan Tiri and started taking her to the castle’s prison.

Zhan Tiri: I’ll return and Corona WILL be mine! You’ll all PAY! You’ll all PAY!

The guards and Zhan Tiri already left.

Rapunzel: Great! Now to fix… all of Corona!

David: We’d really love to stay and help. But we must return home.

Greg: However our wrist-watch broke! Remember?

Varian: That I can fix. Step into my lab. Thankfully Zhan Tiri never touched that!

Cassandra: Well, Raps, Eugene, and I will guard the castle to make sure Zhan Tiri won’t escape!

David and Greg nodded, and David, Greg, Adam, and Dexter followed Varian to his lab.

~ ~ ~

At Varian’s lab, Varian was studying the wrist-watch.

David: So? Can you fix it?

Varian: It’s a little complex. But sure. But I’m going to need an assistant!

David: Well, you’re in luck! Cause you got two!

Greg: Yeah. We’ll help you, Varian.

Varian: Oh, that would be amazing!

David and Greg sat over by Varian and started working on the wrist-watch.

Dexter: Well, Adam! YOU must like my Luke Skywalker action figure!

Dexter held up the same action figure of Luke Skywalker.

Adam blew raspberries at Dexter.

David: Dexter, put that inane toy away. Greg, Varian, and I need to concentrate.

Dexter sighed and began making pew-pewing noises with his mouth while holding up the action figure.

A little while later, David, Greg, and Varian have fixed the wrist-watches.

David: Well. The wrist-watch is saved! It should work perfectly now!

Dexter: Oh, finally! Let’s get outta here!

Varian: Bye boys! I hope to see you again real soon!

Greg: Oh, we will!

David: So long as Zhan Tiri doesn’t bug us again!

David turned on the wrist-watch and a portal appeared.

It sucked up David, Greg, Adam, and Dexter.

Varian: They’re such good kids!

~ ~ ~

David, Greg, Adam, and Dexter landed in David, Greg, Adam, Robert, and Henry’s room.

David: Phew! That was an adventure!

Dexter: Surely I can still make it to my cosplay convention!

Dexter ripped off his clothes to sport a Morty outfit underneath.

Dexter: Gotta run!

Dexter ran off.

David rolled his eyes.

David: That Dexter never changes.

Greg: But at least we’ll be safe from Zhan Tiri for quite a while!

David: I sure hope so!

David, Greg, and Adam hugged.

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