Zhan Tiri Lawson-Von Strangle (formerly known as The Ghostly Girl) is a recurring character in Stuck With the Millers. She is Varian and Cassandra's arch-enemy.

 Character Info:

Zhan Tiri is Varian and Cassandra's enemy who manipulated Cassandra to turn against her friends because of her mother abandoning her. She is often seen on Cassandra's side...or pretending to. She always tells Cassandra to do dark, evil, and mean things to get revenge on Rapunzel or steal and use the all-powerful Moonstone. She comes back in a more powerful form and attempts to kill Victor, Lara, Ginny, and Toby, however Varian and Cassandra sacrifice themselves. She gets defeated by Varian and Cassandra's kids later on, but comes back with a vengeance.


Zhan Tiri is a mean, evil manipulative demon. She can be very persuasive and easily fools people. She seems nice at the beginning - like when Cassandra first met her - but really she is very nasty, vindictive, and conniving.

Episode appearances:

  1. David's 6th Birthday
  2. Stuck With the Genderbent Millers (as Zane Tiri)
  3. A Time Travel Fiasco!
  4. A Corona Virus
  5. Zhan Tiri's Therapist
  6. Varsandra's Wedding
  7. Zhan Tiri's Tragic Life
  8. A New Baby
  9. Stuck in Present Time...again
  10. Trapped in 1502!
  11. Zhan Tiri Turns Nice
  12. David and Hugh's Team Up


  • Her stories originate from Disney Channel's Tangled: The Series.
  • Cassandra used to follow all her orders.
  • Varian is disgusted by her.
  • She gets defeated long before the series begins, but comes back with a vengeance.
  • She hates Rapunzel and Eugene with a burning passion.
  • She is Hugh's ancestor.
  • She caused the deadly coronavirus in both 1501's Corona and 2020's United States of America, Italy, and China in attempt to destroy the world in "A Corona Virus."
  • She kidnapped baby Adam in "A New Baby."
  • She has a rather tragic backstory.
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