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Zhan Tiri's Therapist is the 16th episode of Stuck With the Millers.

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Lizzie decides to become Zhan Tiri's therapist after hearing about her tragic backstory, to David and Greg's chagrin.

Character Appearances:


On a spring day, Lizzie was reading her psychology book when Brittany came in.

Brittany: Lizzie, you wanna know something...interesting?

Lizzie: What?

Brittany: I just got back from the library and read this unreal history book…

Lizzie: And?

Brittany: Looks like someone ELSE could be beneficial for therapy!

Lizzie looked shocked.

Lizzie: Really?! Who?!

Brittany: Zhan Tiri! Apparently she’s been abandoned by her parents AND abused by her ex-husband. THAT would explain why she’s so evil.

Lizzie: But she started the coronavirus! And infected Robert! We can’t trust her!

Brittany: That’s true. But she MAY change for the better with your therapy sessions. I’ve noticed your little friend, Landon’s been less obnoxious when he’s come over a few times…

Lizzie: You’re RIGHT! My psychology knowledge could really rub off on that demon! I gotta go to 1502 and straighten her out now!

Lizzie left.

Brittany: Glad I could help…

~ ~ ~

Lizzie rushed into David and Greg’s room.

David and Greg were doing a science experiment.

Lizzie: David! Greg! I need your help!

David: Yes? Greg and I were trying to recreate Varian’s amber substance…

Lizzie: Can you take me to 1502?

Greg: Why?

Lizzie: I need to have a word with Zhan Tiri.

David and Greg looked shocked.

David: ZHAN TIRI?!

Greg: No way!

Lizzie: Oh, please? She’s had a really tragic life!

David: I don’t care! That demon’s better off dead!

Greg: Or at the very least, tortured to the extent as she tortures others!

Lizzie: Oh come on! You know, you could see Varian and Cassandra again…

David: Good idea… Varian and Cassandra DID say they’re going on a date to celebrate their engagement.

Greg: And YOU could stall Zhan Tiri to make sure she doesn’t ruin it for them!

Lizzie: Deal!

Greg turned on his wrist-watch.

A portal came and sucked in David, Greg, and Lizzie.

~ ~ ~

They arrived in 1502 right by the castle.

David: Okay, now to find Varian and Cassandra…

David and Greg kept walking, and then bumped into Zhan Tiri.

David: Zhan Tiri?!

Greg: Where are Varian and Cassandra?

Zhan Tiri: Some place where you’ll NEVER find them!

Greg: Your Great Tree lair...right?

Zhan Tiri rolled her eyes.

Zhan Tiri: Yes. But don’t bother rescuing them! They’ll be destroyed!

David and Greg didn’t listen as they already were headed to Zhan Tiri’s Great Tree lair.

Zhan Tiri noticed Lizzie.

Zhan Tiri: And what do YOU want?

Lizzie: Come with me back home and join my therapy club. It’ll be beneficial!

Zhan Tiri: No way!

Lizzie: Oh, come on! Please! You have a lot of anger bottled inside of you...that you decide to let out on everyone around you.

Zhan Tiri: REALLY?!

Lizzie: Come on! It’ll be good for you!

Zhan Tiri sighed.

Zhan Tiri: Fine. But I better get back to tormenting Varian and Cassandra within an hour.

Lizzie: Deal...but being in this therapy club will totally transform you!

Zhan Tiri: I doubt it!

Zhan Tiri snapped her fingers.

Both her and Lizzie were flashed out.

~ ~ ~

Lizzie and Zhan Tiri arrived at the therapy club at Royal Woods Middle School.

Lizzie: THIS is my therapy club! Where dreams can come true!

Lincoln: Hey, Lizzie. Who’s this?

Lizzie: This? This?

Zhan Tiri: I’M Zhan Tiri! Who are you pathetic children?

Lincoln: I’m Lincoln…

Clyde: And I’m Clyde.

Chandler: The name’s Chandler.

Cody: And I’m Cody.

Landon: And my name’s Landon.

Jenni: And I’m Jenni - Lizzie’s BEST friend!

Lizzie: Yes! Each of my friends have made such improvements!

Zhan Tiri: That so?

Lincoln: Why, sure! My sisters no longer intimidate me like they did before… Well… Except for Lori, Lola, and Lisa sometimes…

Clyde: AND I can manage when Dr. Lopez is on a vacation without going ballistic.

Chandler: And I’ve learned to be a nicer person. Yeah. I used to take advantage of people for free food…

Cody: And Lizzie helped me understand that people with autism aren’t freaky or weird! Just a good way!

Landon: Well, Lizzie didn’t do anything different with me… I’M already flawless!

Lizzie: Landon, we still need to work on your attitude a little.

Jenni: Well, without Lizzie, I never would’ve had friends!

Zhan Tiri: Isn’t that just too sweet! You all are doomed and all of Royal Woods will be nothing but...dust!

The rest of Lizzie’s therapy group looked terrified.

Lizzie: And that’s Zhan Tiri! Because of her being abandoned by her parents and abused by her ex-husband, she’s become this big ray of hate! But I believe she can change for the better!

Zhan Tiri laughed rather psychotically.

Zhan Tiri: You DO?! Well, you and your nerdy little therapy squad, Lizzie, is doomed.

Zhan Tiri snapped her fingers.

Everyone all vanished.

Zhan Tiri laughed maniacally.

Zhan Tiri: Now back to Corona to fulfill MY dreams!

Zhan Tiri snapped her fingers again as she vanished.

~ ~ ~

Lizzie and the therapy club found themselves tied up in the Great Tree near Corona.

Lincoln: Where ARE we?

Landon: Who cares? Lizzie, tell your purple friend to get a life!

Lizzie: She HAS a life, Landon… An evil one. But she has a life. AND she’s not even my friend.

Clyde: Who is she, then?

Cody: I want my mommy!

Cody began crying.

Chandler: Lizzie, please think of something to get us out of here. My dad hates when I’m late to help him clean the sewage plant!

Jenni: And I need to get back home to help Darcy with her spelling homework.

Lizzie: I’ll think of something...but it’ll be difficult…

A familiar voice echoed from the corner.

Voice: Who said it would be difficult?

Lizzie and the therapy club turned around to see Varian and Cassandra.

Cassandra: It’d only be difficult if Zhan Tiri made it so.

Varian: I have some potions that will set us free.

Varian threw down a potion with his one good hand.

The potion created a ripple in the lair.

Varian, Cassandra, Lizzie, and the therapy club were set free.

Lincoln: HOW?!

Varian: Alchemy! That’s how!

Lizzie: AND my brothers are probably looking for us! We should find them!

Cassandra: I’m shocked they hadn’t come yet and saved us!

Lizzie: Well… I think they might be a little occupied with Zhan Tiri…

~ ~ ~

Varian, Cassandra, Lizzie, and the therapy club found David and Greg confronting Zhan Tiri.

David: Trapping my sister and her friends in the Great Tree was going WAY too far!

Greg: I hate to say, you don’t deserve any help!

David: YOU’RE better off killed, or abducted, or tortured like you love doing to everyone else!

Zhan Tiri: You don’t mean that! You’ll BOTH pay! Everyone has been ganging up on me my whole life!

Lizzie turned to Zhan Tiri.

Lizzie: Maybe that’s cause you deserve it… I’m sorry, I thought I could change you. That was a mistake!

Lincoln: I’ve never been more traumatized in my life!

Clyde: Same! My dads are probably worried sick!

Chandler: And my dad!

Cody: And my mom!

Landon: My folks, too.

Jenni: I know Darcy probably is.

David: So, if you don’t mind, Greg, Lizzie, and I will head home and take Lizzie’s therapy group to their homes too!

Greg: You, Zhan Tiri, are bad news!

David turned on his wrist-watch.

A portal came and sucked up David, Greg, Lizzie, and the therapy group.

Zhan Tiri: Maybe Lizzie ISN’T the problem here…

Cassandra and Varian eyed Zhan Tiri suspiciously.

Cassandra: What do you mean, SHE isn’t the problem?!

Varian: She never was the problem! YOU were!

Zhan Tiri burst into tears.

Zhan Tiri: I know!!

Zhan Tiri flashed out.

Cassandra: Well, that was incredibly strange.

~ ~ ~

After the therapy group went back to their homes safely, Lizzie was sitting at her desk looking through her therapy group notes back at the Miller home.

Lizzie: Where did I go SO wrong with Zhan Tiri?! I really thought she’d change!

David and Greg overheard and went in.

David: You REALLY thought an evil demon girl could change for the better?

Greg: She’s TERRIBLE...and she doesn’t even care! In fact, she flat out ENJOYS the pain she causes!

David: Now if you’ll excuse us, we gotta help Robert and Riley prepare the sushi for dinner.

David and Greg left.

Zhan Tiri flashed into Lizzie’s room.

Lizzie: Zhan Tiri?!

Zhan Tiri: I...apo...logize!

Lizzie: What?

Zhan Tiri: I’m SORRY, okay?! Geezz...that’s strange for me to even say!

Lizzie: Ooookay…

Zhan Tiri: Maybe you were right!

Lizzie: Me?!

Zhan Tiri: You’re right! I am TERRIBLE!

Lizzie: Yes! You really are! You never seem to understand that you’ve hurt a lot of people.

Zhan Tiri: Oh. I do.

Lizzie: And?

Zhan Tiri: I really DO intend to get my revenge on everyone that walked all over me!

Lizzie: But that’s the thing! You don’t HAVE to! Let me help you! You can really change!

Zhan Tiri: That’s ANOTHER thing! People throughout my life wanted me to change…

Zhan Tiri began crying.

Zhan Tiri: My parents. Their pathetic friend, Chad - who even wanted me DEAD! And then Jorgen. And then Demanitus! The only one who never wanted me to CHANGE was Anti-Jorgen! But he was a total weakling, it’s impossible to take him seriously!

Lizzie: Okay, then.

Zhan Tiri: Maybe I WANT to be dangerous and destroy the world! Maybe I want to destroy everyone’s happiness!

Lizzie: But you don’t have to!

Zhan Tiri: You’re right! I don’t HAVE to! I WANT to!

Zhan Tiri laughed evilly and flashed out.

Lizzie: Ohhhh no… What just happened?

Lizzie sighed.

Lizzie: I guess not EVERYONE is meant to change.

~ ~ ~

Back in 1502, Zhan Tiri snuck up on Varian and Cassandra.

Varian: Zhan Tiri?!

Cassandra: Stay back!

Zhan Tiri: Oh, you WON’T push me around anymore!

Varian: What?

Zhan Tiri: You two will be my eternal prisoners…

Zhan Tiri snapped her fingers.

Varian and Cassandra vanished.

Zhan Tiri: It really IS good to be me!

Zhan Tiri laughed evilly and flashed out.