Zhan Tiri's Tragic Life is the 24th episode of Stuck With the Millers.


A peek at Zhan Tiri's life and why she's an evil demon out to destroy the whole universe.

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In Auradon, a neighboring kingdom to Corona, a baby was born.

The queen and king, Mal and Ben have been expecting a baby for a long time.

It was a baby girl with purple hair that Mal had tied in two buns and had a fancy black dress and a black hair band with a purple emerald that Evie designed.

Mal: Isn’t she precious, Ben?

Ben: Yeah! What should we name her?

Mal thought for a little bit, then got an idea.

Mal: How about… Zhan Tiri?

Ben: Interesting. Unique. I like it.

Zhan Tiri: Zhaaaaa Tirrrriiii!

Ben: Did she just… speak?

Mal: That is so cool!

Evie came rushing into the castle’s nursery.

Evie: Mal! Your mother is here!

Mal: Oh, great. I thought after I turned her back into a human, she’d leave Auradon alone!

Evie shrugged.

Maleficent flashed in.

Maleficent: Hello, darling! I heard you have a baby!

Mal: Well -

Just then, Hades appeared.

Hades: I was just passing by… Malie, you didn’t tell me you gave birth to such a beautiful baby girl!

Mal: Please, please! Zhan Tiri needs to rest!

Zhan Tiri: Mother! I wanna visit Audrey!

Mal: Audrey? For whatever reason?

Evie: It’s okay. I’ll take her out. It’s good she explores Auradon a little.

Ben: That would be so nice. Thank you.

Evie took Zhan Tiri and left.

Mal: I am so lucky to still have Evie around.

Ben: Considering Jay and Carlos moved out of Auradon to find their own destinies.

~ ~ ~

At Audrey’s tower, Audrey and Chad were enjoying some tea.

Audrey: I’m so glad I chose you after all these years.

Chad: Yeah. It was either me or a pirate.

Evie went up to Audrey and Chad with Zhan Tiri.

Evie: Mal’s new daughter, Zhan Tiri, wanted to see you.

Audrey: And why is that? I’m rather busy.

Zhan Tiri: Revenge!

Audrey: What?

Zhan Tiri: I know you! You spelled all of Auradon to sleep!

Chad: So the new royal baby can speak. Great.

Audrey: I did. But I was young and foolish then. Please! What is a baby going to do to me?!

Suddenly Zhan Tiri turned into a mini dragon and roasted Audrey.

Chad looked scared.

Chad: AUDREY!!

Evie: Wow! Why would you -

Zhan Tiri turned back into her true form and looked satisfied.

Zhan Tiri: Now, I wanna visit Uma…

Evie: Oh no! You are going back home!

Evie took Zhan Tiri and left.

Chad began crying.

Chad: Audrey! I can’t believe you’re really gone!

~ ~ ~

Back at the Auradon castle, Evie returned with Zhan Tiri.

Evie: Well, it’s official. Audrey got burned to a crisp.

Mal: But why?

Evie: It was your daughter!

Mal: Sweet Zhan Tiri?! It can’t be!

Zhan Tiri: Evie’s lying! That’s not how it went at all!

Ben: Really? How DID it go?

Zhan Tiri: Evie, you missed the part about Audrey spelling Auradon to sleep!

Mal: Honey, Audrey changed a long time ago. There was no reason to -

Zhan Tiri: I’m hungry.

Mal: Uhhh…

Zhan Tiri began crying.

Mal rushed over to the kitchen and grabbed grapes out of the cooler.

Mal: How about some grapes?

Zhan Tiri: No! Where’s some cake?

Ben: Oh come on! These are delicious!

Ben put the grapes in front of Zhan Tiri.

Zhan Tiri began sniffing a grape and reluctantly put it in her mouth.

Zhan Tiri: It’s -

Zhan Tiri looked awed.

Zhan Tiri: AMAZING! Grapes are sooooooooooo yummy!

Mal and Ben looked relieved.

Mal: Phew!

Ben: Well, raising her will be quite a challenge.

Mal: But we can handle it!

~ ~ ~

Several years later, Zhan Tiri was now 7 years old.

Zhan Tiri: Mommy! Daddy! You gotta check this out!

Mal and Ben rushed over to Zhan Tiri, who was in Mal’s spell casting cabinet.

Zhan Tiri: Now I have twice the power!

Mal: Oh no…

Zhan Tiri: Yes! You’ll bow to me, Mother!

Mal: Quit it! This stuff is incredibly dangerous!

Zhan Tiri: You could’ve told me that before I drank your entire demon power potion…

Mal: Oh no… If she really drank all that… Imagine the danger Auradon would be in!

Zhan Tiri: Danger-smanger! I’ll RULE Auradon one day! You’ll see!

Ben: I think that potion is messing with her mind!

Mal: And I know just who could help us…

~ ~ ~

Mal, Ben, and Zhan Tiri were in front of Audrey’s tower.

Mal: Zhan Tiri, stay put while we talk to Chad.

Mal and Ben went up to the door and knocked on it.

Chad came out.

Chad: Oh great…

Mal: We need your help.

Chad: What? You want me to get rid of your devilish baby for you?

Mal and Ben looked horrified.

Mal: NO! We need to get some powers OUT of our girl for us!

Chad raised his eyebrow.

Chad: What KIND of powers?

Zhan Tiri suddenly transformed into a big monstrous demon.

Chad screamed in terror.

Chad: AHHHHH! No way! This demon HAS to go! Either you kill her…or I will! Just look at what she did to Audrey!

Ben: Now Chad. Zhan Tiri depends on having a normal, happy life. Just remove the demon powers! Now!

Chad rolled his eyes.

Chad: Very well. Zhan Tiri. Come with me.

Zhan Tiri: NO!

Mal: Just come with Chad...and we’ll give you some more grapes when we get home.

Zhan Tiri: Okay.

Chad: This will only take a minute…

Chad took Zhan Tiri’s hand and entered the tower.

Mal: He better not screw things up.

Ben: Don’t worry. Zhan Tiri will be fine.

~ ~ ~

An hour later, Chad came out of the tower.

Chad: Well. You might need to get a new daughter…


Chad: Relax. Zhan Tiri is just fine.

Chad muttered under his breath.

Chad: ...Unfortunately.

Mal: What happened to Zhan Tiri!

Ben: Tell us now!

Chad: Okay, okay…

Zhan Tiri came out of the tower and looked almost sinister.

Zhan Tiri: I came to proclaim what’s rightfully MINE! Your crown, ALL of Auradon, and the Isle of the Lost.

Mal: Oh no! I can’t believe this! What did you do, Chad?

Chad: NOTHING! I wanted to wipe her out of existence…

Mal and Ben glared at Chad angrily.

Chad: ...When demon girl started changing in literally no time at all!

Chad looked anguished.

Chad: I’m afraid your lovely daughter has officially gone to the dark side.

Ben: Now that can’t be totally true…

Mal: Yeah! We’re still keeping her!

Chad: And let all of Auradon suffer? No way. You gotta dump her somewhere.

Zhan Tiri: You wouldn’t do that to your sweet daughter, would you?

Mal: Of course not!

Ben: There HAS to be another way!

Chad: I’m sorry. There isn’t. Have a nice day.

Mal, Ben, and Zhan Tiri left Chad’s tower rather glumly.

~ ~ ~

At the edge of Auradon and the Isle, Mal and Ben were contemplating Chad’s advice.

Mal: Well, should we?

Ben: I think it’s what’s best for Auradon.

Zhan Tiri began crying.

Zhan Tiri: NO! Wait! What are you doing?!

Mal: Sorry, Zhan Tiri. But we have to do this…

Mal and Ben ditched Zhan Tiri.

Zhan Tiri screamed with rage.


~ ~ ~

Several years later, Zhan Tiri was now well into her 30’s. She didn’t look much different from how she looked at 11.

Zhan Tiri: Finally I can get my life back on track.

Zhan Tiri entered the Fairy Academy in Fairy World.

Jorgen, the main instructor at the academy, went up to Zhan Tiri.

Jorgen: Can I help you?

Zhan Tiri: I’m here to get a job at the Fairy Academy. Mentoring young fairies could really help me become who I’m meant to be.

Jorgen: Well. You don’t LOOK like a fairy… What are you?

Zhan Tiri: Oh, I’m a demon…

The other fairies in the Fairy Academy gasped out of terror.

Jorgen: Well. I’m sorry. Demons aren’t allowed in Fairy World…

Jorgen blushed.

Jorgen: But I would like to take you out for the evening.

Zhan Tiri looked awed.

Zhan Tiri: Really?!

Jorgen: Yep! Meet me at the Chez Fairy restaurant around the corner tonight at 8:00.

Zhan Tiri: Alright! I’ll be there!

Jorgen suddenly vanished.

Zhan Tiri: But wait! What’s your name?

Zhan Tiri shrugged and left the Fairy Academy.

~ ~ ~

At 8:00, Zhan Tiri arrived at the Chez Fairy restaurant.

Jorgen was nowhere in sight.

Zhan Tiri: Strange. He said he’d be here…

A punier looking anti-fairy who looks a lot like Jorgen went up to Zhan Tiri.

Anti-Jorgen: Saaay… You look different…

Zhan Tiri: Who are you? Wasn’t there supposed to be a tall, muscular dude right next to me?

Anti-Jorgen: Oh, you must be talking about Jorgen! I’m Anti-Jorgen. And might I say… You look fine!

Zhan Tiri looked miffed.

Anti-Jorgen: Is there a name that comes with that pretty face?

Zhan Tiri: I’m Zhan Tiri… And I’m really supposed to be here with someone else.

Jorgen came rushing over.

Jorgen: Yeah! Me! Outta my way, Anti-Jorgen!

Jorgen pushed Anti-Jorgen aside.

Anti-Jorgen: And now’s my cue to RUNNNNN!!

Anti-Jorgen ran away screaming.

Zhan Tiri: Who WAS that tool?

Jorgen: Don’t ask.

Zhan Tiri: So, I didn’t catch your name…

Jorgen: I’m Jorgen. Jorgen Von Strangle.

Zhan Tiri: I’m Zhan Tiri. Zhan Tiri Lawson.

Jorgen: You really are something special, Zhan Tiri.

Zhan Tiri blushed.

~ ~ ~

After their first date, Jorgen and Zhan Tiri were about to part ways.

Jorgen: Where do you live? I’ll take you home.

Zhan Tiri: Well. Uh. I don’t live anywhere.

Jorgen: Then you can live with me.

Zhan Tiri looked awed.

Zhan Tiri: I appreciate it a lot, Jorgen!

Jorgen and Zhan Tiri headed to Jorgen’s house.

~ ~ ~

Several months later, Zhan Tiri and Jorgen were eating a fancy lunch.

Jorgen took out a diamond ring.

Jorgen: Zhan Tiri, will you be the luckiest uh, demon and marry me?

Zhan Tiri looked awed.

Zhan Tiri: Of course! Of course I will! You have been the only one to truly get me! My own parents ABANDONED me cause I terrified them!

Jorgen: My parents were never around. My dad killed himself. Such a wimp. While my mom left me with my grandma.

Zhan Tiri: That’s awful. I’ll ALWAYS support you.

Jorgen: As will I.

Jorgen and Zhan Tiri hugged and shared a kiss.

~ ~ ~

A month later was Jorgen and Zhan Tiri’s wedding day.

Nobody showed up except for Anti-Jorgen.

Jorgen: GREAT! Nobody showed up!

Zhan Tiri: Except for this tool who keeps stalking us!

Anti-Jorgen went over to them.

Anti-Jorgen: I can officiate your wedding.

Zhan Tiri: Since when do you know ANYTHING about weddings?

Anti-Jorgen: Okay, I read about them. But follow me…

Anti-Jorgen led Jorgen and Zhan Tiri to a platform with a dozen roses.

Anti-Jorgen: Now we gather here today for the wedding between Jorgen and Zhan Tiri. Is there a reason these two must not be wed?

Jorgen and Zhan Tiri glared at Anti-Jorgen.

Anti-Jorgen looked terrified.

Anti-Jorgen: And now I pronounce you man and wife! You may kiss the bride!

Jorgen and Zhan Tiri kissed.

Zhan Tiri threw the big bouquet she was holding, and Anti-Jorgen caught it.

~ ~ ~

Several years later, Jorgen and Zhan Tiri got blessed with a baby. It was a baby boy with Jorgen’s hair and he looked much like Zhan Tiri.

Jorgen: What should we name him?

Zhan Tiri: Hmmm. Dominic. Classic. And perfect.

Dominic: Mama! Dadda!

Zhan Tiri and Jorgen looked awed.

Zhan Tiri: Awww!!

~ ~ ~

Several years later, Jorgen and Zhan Tiri’s relationship began to get rocky.

Zhan Tiri: You just don’t get it! I’ll rule the world with Dominic! We’ll make a happy evil duo!

Jorgen: Please! You just stay in the kitchen and cook and clean. The men can terrorize the fairies together!

Dominic went over to his parents with a new book.

Dominic: Mommy, I got you a new diary.

Zhan Tiri: Not now, Dominic! Tell your father he’s crazy!

Jorgen: CRAZY! Tell your mother she’s INSANE!

Dominic: Uhhh, BOTH of you are kinda insane…

Jorgen: You take that back!

Zhan Tiri: You know what, Jorgen? I’m sick of you and I’m sick of everything!

Jorgen: Well you know what? YOU are such a weakling, Zhan Tiri! You will NEVER rule the world and especially destroy it! You don’t have what it takes to be a villain! You are NOTHING! You’re nothing, Zhan Tiri!

Zhan Tiri: I’ll show you! I’ll show everyone! Come, Dominic! You’re going somewhere where I don’t have to put up with you when I destroy the world!

Dominic: But mommy!

Zhan Tiri and Dominic flashed out.

Jorgen: Good. Now that that bat’s gone, I’ll dominate Fairy World AND Anti-Fairy World and I’ll be unstoppable!

Jorgen laughed evilly.

~ ~ ~

Zhan Tiri and Dominic were at Auradon Prep, where Mal and Ben were now both headmasters.

Mal and Ben noticed Zhan Tiri and Dominic coming in.

Mal: Zhan Tiri! What are you doing here? And how did you get so old?

Zhan Tiri flashed out of her old lady form.

Zhan Tiri: Apologizes, parents. I used this form to scare off Jorgen.

Ben: Jorgen? Your husband?

Mal: I’m sorry we couldn’t come to your wedding, sweetie. I know we abandoned you when you were small, but we regret it.

Zhan Tiri: You do, DO you!? Well, here. Here’s your do-over. Meet Dominic, my son...

Dominic: I don’t understand.

Zhan Tiri: Of course YOU don’t. But Mommy has a mission, and having a kid around will just get in my way. Enjoy living with your granny and grampy!

Dominic: But-

Zhan Tiri took Dominic's diary and flashed out.

Dominic began crying.

Dominic: I want my mommy!!

Mal: We’ll be here, Dominic.

Ben: Yeah! We won’t let anyone harm you.

Ben and Mal hugged Dominic.

~ ~ ~

Several years later, Zhan Tiri found herself in Corona with a whole new crowd. She was mentoring Mother Gothel, Tromus, and Sugracha, Lord Demanitus’ faithful followers.

Zhan Tiri: I suggest you forget about that Lord Demantius and come follow me. We WILL find the sundrop and moonstone and become more powerful than you ever will know!

Mother Gothel: Soooo, you’re telling me I can become young again if I use the sundrop?

Tromus: Gothel, don’t fall for it! It could be...a trap!

Sugracha: Yeah! You look fine for a 600 year old woman!

Mother Gothel grimaced.

Zhan Tiri: It’s not a trap, if you just follow me.

Mother Gothel: Okay! You convinced me!

Tromus: I guess. I’m in too!

Sugracha: And me!

Zhan Tiri laughed evilly.

Zhan Tiri: Perfect!

~ ~ ~

Demanitus’ followers did exactly as Zhan Tiri said and began to plot to find the sundrop and moonstone.

Zhan Tiri: Yes. We all will have that ultimate power! Just wait.

Demanitus came bursting in Zhan Tiri’s lair - the Great Tree.

Demanitus: You’ve got to let go of this crazy plan!

Zhan Tiri: No, Demanitus! I’ve been let down far too many times in my life to be stopped now! That moonstone and sundrop will be mine, you see!

Tromus: You can’t stop us, Demanitus.

Sugracha: No! Zhan Tiri knows what she’s doing!

Mother Gothel: She’ll finally make me young again!

Zhan Tiri: Actually, Gothel, you and your ego can go elsewhere. Cause I’m through with you.

Demanitus: Just leave this foolish dream behind!

Zhan Tiri: NO!

Zhan Tiri turned into a big demon and left the Great Tree.

Demanitus and the other followers followed behind.

Demanitus threw a spear in the Great Tree, rendering it powerless.

Zhan Tiri: NO! My lair!

Demanitus: Give it up!

Zhan Tiri turned into a big blizzard and vanished.

Everything got cold.

Demanitus locked up Zhan Tiri’s followers far away and proceeded to stop the blizzard.

~ ~ ~

Several months later, Zhan Tiri and Lord Demantius were on a quest to find the coveted sundrop and moonstone.

Zhan Tiri: Demantius, you can’t stop me from using this power all to myself!

Demantius: But Zhan Tiri! You already took my pupils! What more do you need?

Zhan Tiri: More power! I intend to suck the sundrop and moonstone into me!

Demantius: Zhan Tiri, this is your last warning! Give up this foolish quest for power!

Zhan Tiri: NEVER! I’m so close! This quest for the Sundrop and Moonstone was both of ours!

Demanitus: It was until you made it about something darker! You made it into gaining power for yourself. You turned your back on what was right!

Zhan Tiri: You turned your back on me! As long as I live, I will never stop until I have that power!

Demanitus turned on the portal beside him, and it began to suck Zhan Tiri in.

Zhan Tiri: THIS IS FAR FROM OVER! I will have that power! And when I do, I will destroy your beloved Corona! I PROMISE YOU!

Zhan Tiri got sucked into the device.

Demanitus turned to his pet monkey.

Demantius: I know. I had no choice, Vigor. I had to send the Lost Realm.

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