Zhan Tiri Turns Nice is the 30th episode of Stuck With the Millers.

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Zhan Tiri becomes uncharacteristically nice when Eugene accidentally messes with Varian's new invention. Things become a problem when Eugene becomes a malevolent villain bent on destroying Corona.

Character Appearances:


On a summer day in 1502, Varian and Quirin were fixing the water heater in the cellar of the castle.

Varian: We did it, Dad! Now the heater won’t be experiencing so many bugs.

Quirin: I’m so proud of you, son.

Suddenly, the water heater blew up.

Varian: What the-?!

Quirin: Relax. We can fix this!

Varian: But… how? How’d this happen?

A familiar evil laugh echoed.

Varian: You don’t think…

Zhan Tiri came out.

Zhan Tiri: Yes, yes. Your precious old water heater will never work the same anymore.

Quirin: What did you DO?! My son and I have been working on this thing for months!

Varian: Yeah! So, Zhan Tiri. Please. Just LEAVE!

Zhan Tiri: Aw, you’re no fun anymore…

Zhan Tiri flashed out.

Quirin: Are you okay, son?

Varian: Yes. Let’s just get this fixed before anything else could happen…

~ ~ ~

Cassandra and Rapunzel were baking brownies in the castle’s kitchen.

Cassandra: This was a great idea making brownies for Attila’s birthday!

Rapunzel: I’ll say! That guy has so much to deal with, with maintaining his new bakery!

The oven suddenly blew up, causing hot chocolaty goop to go everywhere.

Rapunzel: What?! How?

Cassandra: I know… This is nuts!

A familiar evil chuckle and a familiar voice echoed.

Voice: More like it’s berries… Ya forgot to add the nuts.

Rapunzel and Cassandra turned around and saw Zhan Tiri licking part of the brownie residue off her finger.

Rapunzel: What do you want with us?

Cassandra: Yeah! You’ve caused enough trouble!

Zhan Tiri: Oh, and you honestly expect Attila to eat these brownies? They’re disgusting!

Cassandra: Then why did I just see you licking your fingers?

Zhan Tiri: This brownie recipe is flawed, yes. But I just can’t enjoy your misery for one second?

Cassandra: Just leave!

Rapunzel: Yeah. You aren’t wanted!

Zhan Tiri: Fine. But when Corona becomes nothing but dust, don’t blame me! Blame yourselves!

Zhan Tiri flashed out.

Cassandra: She really gets on my nerves…

Rapunzel: I know… let’s just fix the brownies…

~ ~ ~

Eugene, Lance, Angry, and Red were collecting blueberries for Rapunzel and Cassandra’s brownies.

Eugene: This should be enough berries.

Lance: Let’s hope! I’m exhausted!

Angry: So are we!

Red: I’ve never collected this much berries before, and Angry and I were actual orphans!

Angry: Until Lance adopted us!

Lance: Yep. I intend to give these two girls a nice loving home!

A familiar voice echoed.

Voice: Oh, you DO, do you?

Eugene, Lance, Angry, and Red turned around to see Zhan Tiri.

Eugene: Okay! Who invited the demon on our berry picking quest?

Angry: It wasn’t me!

Zhan Tiri: Don’t be ridiculous! Let’s just say, you’ll like these berries a whole lot better now…

Zhan Tiri snapped her fingers. The blueberries exploded all over Eugene, Lance, Angry, and Red.

Eugene: Okay. That’s it! We’ve had it!

Zhan Tiri evilly laughed and teleported out.

Eugene: There’s something we gotta do about that demon!

Lance: Later, buddy! Now we have to find more berries!

~ ~ ~

Queen Arianna and King Frederic were enjoying tea on the castle’s balcony.

Arianna: It’s a lovely day today, right Frederic?

Frederic: Yeah!

Everyone who was ever hassled by Zhan Tiri stormed into the balcony.

Rapunzel: Mother, father! Zhan Tiri RUINED my brownies Cass and I were baking for Attila!

Cassandra: I never want to eat a single brownie again!

Varian: And ruined the water heater I was fixing with my dad!

Quirin: It took us months to perfect! Now it’s gone!

Eugene: And we’re covered in berries!

Eugene pointed to him, Lance, Angry, and Red, who were all covered in blueberries.

Frederic: Enough! So, Zhan Tiri? I thought she was imprisoned in the castle’s prison. Who was in charge of the jail’s shift today?

Eugene: That would be Pete and Stan.

King Frederic face palmed.

Frederic: Just… do something about her. I don’t care if you banish her to the lost realm again…

Everyone nodded and left.

Arianna: What are we going to do?

Frederic: I don’t know, Arianna. I don’t know…

~ ~ ~

Varian was working on an invention in his lab.

Cassandra, Rapunzel, and Eugene burst in.

Cassandra: Varian! I think I found a way to banish Zhan Tiri! I realize now it’s impossible to kill her… But what if she gets trapped in a book? And then the book gets burned in a fire?

Rapunzel: Orrrr… we try to rehabilitate her? You never know what she’s truly thinking!

Eugene: “I must destroy Corona?” Rapunzel, seriously? You want to redeem a demon who manipulated your best friend into betraying you. I think she’s far gone now.

Varian: I think I like… Rapunzel’s idea. But NOT in the way you’re thinking…

Varian unveiled a big sheet to reveal a big robotic machine.

Varian: I call this - the Attitude Adjustmentator. It’ll just give Zhan Tiri a better personality… but I still haven’t worked out all the bugs, so don’t -

Eugene: What does this button do?

Eugene pushed a random button on the machine.

Zhan Tiri, who suddenly teleported in, got hit by the machine’s rays along with Eugene at the same time.

Varian: Push any random button…

Cassandra and Rapunzel rushed over to Eugene.

Rapunzel: Eugene! Are you okay?

Eugene suddenly got up and looked annoyed.

Eugene: Why are you simpletons touching me? Corona won’t destroy itself!

Rapunzel looked shocked.

Rapunzel: Eugene?! What happened to you?

Eugene: WHY is this pathetic girl still talking to me? I am outta here!

Eugene left.

Cassandra: Okay. If Eugene’s turned into a grade A jerkface, then that means…

Cassandra looked at Zhan Tiri, who was fixing Varian’s broken machine in the corner.

Cassandra: Zhan Tiri’s nice, smart, and HELPFUL?!

Zhan Tiri: Heeey, Cass! Hey, Raps! I helped Varian fix his machine. I knew it needed some work.

Varian pressed a button. A flower began to bloom.

Varian: Wow! It works perfectly now! HOW?

Zhan Tiri: Don’t be TOO surprised. I enjoy helping others!

Cassandra: Since when?

Zhan Tiri: Since I realized that being evil doesn’t bring me joy! Helping people with any struggles they have does! I hope we can all be friends!

Cassandra: Okay, Varian. WHAT did you do with the REAL Zhan Tiri? I better hope she’s not MANIPULATING us into trusting her!

Zhan Tiri: Manipulate you?! Why would you say something like that?

Cassandra: I don’t know… Let me think…

Varian stuck a stick-like substance in Zhan Tiri’s ear.

Varian: No, according to the attitude adjuster’s test stick, Zhan Tiri’s truly, sincerely nice.

Zhan Tiri: And now we should probably find Eugene before he ruins Corona…

Rapunzel: Good call! I say, I think I’m starting to like this new Zhan Tiri!

Rapunzel, Zhan Tiri, Cassandra, and Varian all left Varian’s laboratory.

~ ~ ~

Eugene was at the town hall’s shop tearing everything apart.

Lance, Angry, and Red came in.

Lance: Eugene, buddy! Let’s go to Varados and camp out by the town hall there like old times!

Angry: It’ll be totally fun!

Eugene glared at Lance, Angry, and Red.

Red: Uhh, Eugene?

Eugene: I don’t need you simple fools! Corona will bow to me…and if they don’t, I’ll just destroy their precious kingdom!

Lance: Uhhhh…

Eugene: And Lance - We are no longer best friends! We’re no longer any kind of friends. In fact… I have NO friends!

Lance: But, buddy! You don’t mean that! We even have a buddy song!

Lance began singing some lyrics of his and Eugene’s buddy song.

Lance: Buddy, Buddy

You're my best buddy

You're my best buddy, bud -- don't ever change!

Eugene glared evilly at Lance.

Lance: Oh, come on, Eugene! We’ve been through so much together! Don’t leave me like this!

Eugene: Sorry.

Eugene stormed out.

Lance: Something’s up. Eugene would NEVER throw away our friendship like this!

Angry: But he just did.

Red: And now Corona is in danger!

Zhan Tiri, Rapunzel, Cassandra, and Varian overheard and entered.

Rapunzel: You must’ve seen Eugene.

Lance: Oh, did we see Eugene! He doesn’t want to be my best buddy anymore!

Lance burst into tears.

Zhan Tiri patted Lance on the back.

Zhan Tiri: There, there. We’ll all get to the bottom of this.

Angry and Red stepped back, looking scared.

Angry: Is that… Zhan Tiri?

Red: That same demon who terrorized us?

Zhan Tiri: Yeah, about that. I’m sorry.

Angry and Red looked at each other, shocked.

Angry: SORRY!?

Red: Okay. What happened to Zhan Tiri?

Varian: No time to explain…

Cassandra: Where is Eugene?

Angry: We don’t know!

Lance: Neither do I!

Rapunzel: Well, he can’t be far! Come on!

Rapunzel, Zhan Tiri, Cassandra, and Varian all left.

Lance: I hope they can get my buddy back.

Angry: So do I!

Red: And me!

~ ~ ~

Eugene was at the castle and had Queen Arianna and King Frederic all tied up.

Arianna: Eugene! This can’t be you. Snap out of it!

Frederic: Oh, GUARDS!

Eugene: Oh, those pesky guards won’t get me this time. I locked them in the castle’s prison and let all the bad guys out.

Frederic: You didn’t!

Eugene: Oh, but I did! And you shall watch as your precious Corona is destroyed.

Just then, Zhan Tiri, Rapunzel, Cassandra, and Varian came in.

Rapunzel: Unhand my parents!

Eugene: Oh really, and what are you going to do about it? By the way… our engagement is off!

Rapunzel: Surely you don’t mean that…

Arianna and Frederic noticed Zhan Tiri standing beside Rapunzel and Cassandra.

Arianna: Zhan Tiri?!

Frederic: You HAD to have manipulated Eugene to act like this.

Zhan Tiri: Nope! I had nothing to do with this!

Varian: She’s telling the truth. Eugene messed with my Attitude Adjustmentator, and now he’s evil, and she’s good. It’s a complicated scenario involving …

Frederic: Fix this! Before Corona gets destroyed by HIM!

Frederic looked towards Eugene, who was now evilly laughing.

Eugene: Oh, but you all can’t stop me! All will bow to the name Eugene Fitzherbert!

Cassandra: Oh, shut it! We are changing you back!

They noticed Zhan Tiri looking sad.

Cassandra: Oh… But if he changes… so does she.

Varian: Not necessarily… But that’s for another time. Let’s just get Eugene back to my lab and change him back!

Zhan Tiri untied Arianna and Frederic, and slipped them some money.

Zhan Tiri: Here. Some money for your troubles.

Arianna: Aw! That’s really nice of you, Zhan Tiri! Thank you.

Frederic: This better be real money.

Zhan Tiri: It is, your majesties.

Zhan Tiri bowed and left with the others.

~ ~ ~

They all made it to Varian’s lab.

Quirin stepped in.

Quirin: Son, I need you to help me with something…

Varian: In a moment, dad. This will only take a minute!

Quirin: Okay, okay. But come soon! Those crops won’t tame themselves.

Quirin started to leave, but noticed Zhan Tiri beside Cassandra.

Quirin: Zhan Tiri?

Varian: Don’t ask. I’ll be out in a moment! Really, dad!

Quirin nodded and left.

Varian: Okay. Now that we have no interruptions, I think this machine will work again. So, Eugene, just - don’t break anything.

Eugene growled at Varian.

Varian: And now -

Zhan Tiri was looking at the machine.

Zhan Tiri: Ooooo, I wonder what this button does!

Zhan Tiri pushed the same button Eugene pressed earlier, that swapped their personalities.

Varian: NOOOOO! Zhan Tiri!

Zhan Tiri: What are you looking at, hopeless twerp? Now if you’ll excuse me, Corona won’t destroy itself!

Zhan Tiri laughed evilly and teleported out.

Cassandra: Well. There’s the same Zhan Tiri we know...and despise.

Rapunzel: Aw, don’t worry! We can take her down again. Is that right, Eugene?

Eugene rubbed his eyes.

Eugene: Rapunzel!

He hugged Rapunzel.

Eugene: That is absolutely right, my princess!

Varian: I guess everything’s back to normal.

Eugene: ...Almost. I gotta go apologize to Lance! Gotta go!

Eugene left.

Rapunzel: Well, bring it in, you guys!

Rapunzel, Varian, and Cassandra all went in for a group hug.

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